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The forums on plenty of are literally insane


I've just been informed by POF that even the basic service that I subscribed to is now only accessible if you upgrade (more money). Simply charlatans. AVOID. Daniel


They have no customer support, emails responds with canned response, phone numbers go to recordings.


Yeah pof is a joke!!!From my expierence... 80 percent of the women on there are hookers or scam artists.And the women who are real are mostly game players just on there for attention because they don't get it in real life.It's def a waste of time.


A dating site will be thought of well if somebody meets somebody,if they don't then they blame the site,they are all basically the same with the same people


I've been on and off POF since 2011, haven't had a single date, and only a couple of responses that went nowhere fast. I've been thinking I was doing something wrong all this time, but no, the women on POF are just unrealistic daydreamers, waiting for a Calvin Klein model to sweep them off their feet. Don't get me wrong, I'm no Brad Pitt, but I'm not fat and ugly either. I'm done with that crap.

Due Diligence

Quote by: MiracleJohn

Hi my dear I am Miracle
please contact me through my email address ( <snip> ) i will send you more my pictures and my information for us to know more about each other batter.

Sheesh now PoF scammers are even on other forums.

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Quote by: Erinlove

I can't believe this utter CRAP I am reading. Guys saying only women are crazy (and flocking to Plenty of Fish apparently) and are only good for sex?!?! Well dudes, YOU are the ones we are mad at and trying to avoid. You are the ones that make us act "crazy".. "Crazy" of course meaning not taking your BS.
Want an example?

One guy up there said "it is good for a booty call with an average looking woman and that's about it".
1. Who are YOUR parents, I bet you are real gorgeous yourself. Even if you ain't a hypocrite (smart money says you are though), what kind of moronic loser judges people solely on what they look like?
2. Ever thought these women could be just bad/clueless at dating?! And not REALLY existing to have occasional sex with some retard, but are sick of WAITING for a guy to actually NOT be.. just.. like.. you?

Am I crazy now? Only women are crazy according to you guys. You can treat the women how ever you want and call it "play" and if she has a problem with it or has an actual mind you throw her in the crazy pile. That is IF she isn't already thrown in the FAT pile for not having an eating disorder, or the AVERAGE pile for not being like the poster kids in panties you wank to nightly....
And you guys do all this without realizing you are the very reason the site SUCKS and it makes women bitter.

Scroll up a bit and look at the guy that can't spell the word "of" insulting other people. Yeah this is clearly better, more literate and nicer than the "literally insane" POF forums. They did the right thing banning you people lol. But you don't even see it.

I also consider that some men can be so rude and impolite that it can really hurt a woman's feelings. We are so fragile, all we need is a little of attention and patience - the keys to have a successful woman.


I´ve been on this site for a few months now and, it caught my attention when some ladies "apparently" were interested in me but nothing really went farther than a hello or a couple of lines... About 3 days ago, I decided to write to a lady asking her if she really had any interest in me, and quoted that I wanted to know because I was suspìcious about the moderator was sending those messages to make me buy the subscription, etc etc, so, what happens next: my account has been deleted! A real scammer behind all that. I am glad I am out. Big Grin


just for a matter of interest.
wondered if anyone experienced an issue with pof?
shows online when not.
shows messages as replied when not replied.

dont want to post on pof as will get dodgy answers


Hey everyone i just deleted my profile due to extra amounts of escort service girls looking too hook up the reason for a dating site is to meet people and connect not be bombarded with escorts they need to seriously consider monitoring there users because iv blocked probably 12 or 15 of them

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