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The forums on plenty of are literally insane


Don't know about the forums, but the experiences I've had meeting with the women who advertise their availability are truly disappointing - old photos, false claims about body type and age, and always the same, 'kind, considerate, compassionate, loving...blah, blah, blah' stereotypical blather in their personal descriptions, not to mention intelligence levels typically below an IQ of 100. But at least there's one good thing about the site - when you delete your profile you don't get any further spam from it, unlike sites like, or So I guess that's a 50/50.


I would sue POF, the whole Shabang. I've seen the dirty deeds done on pof . Date sites are going out of style , just a fad. Stand up. That would give him a chill they violated your first amendment rights . Fight back, screw anxiety, I myself love a good fight. Tee hee

Chris G.

Women do message certain men all the time. I get messages from quality women all day every day. The key is to write a good profile, one that is in depth and stands out. Women pay attention to this! Your profile info means just as much if not more than your pictures. You really have to stand out to be successful on a dating website.


So twice in a week my profile was deleted for reasons that I can not figure out. I did not post any rude or vulgar pics, I did not post any email addresses, phone numbers or or non allowed information, just seems like out of the blue my account was deleted. AS for getting any answers from anyone forget it. I checked the rules and notice that one rule #8 in particular states "You will not post or transmit in any manner any contact information including but not limited to email addresses, "instant messenger" nicknames or contact information, telephone numbers, postal addresses, URLs, and full names through publicly posted information on the Website and through its Services." So my question then is how the hell you supposed to connect with anyone to meet them. Are you telling me especially for women they are supposed to just go meet someone somewhere without ever talking to them on the phone? That seems stupid. Anyway anyone else have any ideas as to why they randomly delete accounts?


Seems like there is quite a few very bitter women haters here. Yes i am man. Anyway the forum link is no longer on the front page, also apparently all the mods left, there is now only one or two staff members doing it with some self moderation.


The person she is with you is not really her it’s an act to keep you because she’s desperate.
Good:In the beginning it was great, doing things, going places, had a lot of good times
Bad:The desperate and insecure will appear to be compatible with you but in reality they're the total opposite
Overall: People can easily pretend to be The One! You invest all your time and money thinking so. It's good to have family and friends looking out for you because they can see things that you can't
There are warning flags you should definitely pay attention to. Like be aware when you date a single divorced mother, some are real desperate and they'll change everything about themselves just to be with you. Her being an only child too made it more difficult for her to hide her narcissistic and spoiled personality away from my friends. On profile they look fun and in the beginning they are but after 8 months, she was anything but that. She was sad most of the time and was sad over nothing. Christmas and New Year was ruined because I wasted my time having to cheer her up. She said she lost the spirit of Christmas this year and is so terribly upset. So listen to your friends, you might be caught up in her web of lies but your friends care more about you than some girl you will ever meet on POF.

Aron G

Online Dater
Your words have power. Life and death is in the power of the tongue! Proverbs 18:21 (Read
It). So you must be careful what you say. I need me a "GOOD" man, I need me a "GOOD"
woman. Many of us have recieved just that. A "GOOD" male or female not perfect but,
GOOD! You spoke it and it happened. Wether it worked out or not you spoke it and it
happened. So why the FRUSTRATION???

Jerked around

Interesting that this post spawned 11 pages!

I have long given up on dating for many reasons. Plus the older you get as a man, the less you care about dating and all the crap that goes with it.

I think anyone that sees my post will get the idea that pof's forums are an invitation to be attacked or deleted if you are a man that doesn't bow to the women on the forums.

So maybe it is time to close this topic.

Thanks to all that wrote on this topic.



Quote by: Anonymous

Don't sound like the most friendly of message boards, I never have tried plenty of fish. I just visited it and it doesn't really look that good. Of course that is my first impression Mr. Green

I have done the Forum thing a few times. It seems to me that the respondents are frequently antagonistic. Some years ago I posted something, and I was immediately accused of "attention seeking", and the thread was pulled. WTF?

Most of the "advice" consisted of personal criticisms. They go after your profile, your looks, misquotes. It's like walking into a shark tank.

Men sexualize you and other women sharpen their claws. Yeah I want this!

There was the odd exception of some truly kind and helpful people. But to me the Forum is an exemplar of bad Internet.

I gave up on POF when I realized that much of it - for me at least - involved abuse. I meet more men across the alley, too.


There are no forum moderators anymore, unfortunately. I know that many mods there abused their power but now anyone can anonymously have you removed from the forums AND the website, isp banned, for no reason whatsoever, just by making a certain number of complaints--it's an autoban.

Whoever said in this thread that most of the forum men are combative (even towards women!) and the forum ladies sharpen their claws on each other (or men they consider undesirable and therefore fair game) hit it right on. It is no wonder that if you were a member of PoF you would never know that the site even had forums because you cannot log in off of your profile. Markus (the owner) doesn't want to scare away the fish who might actually pay to support the site, he is allowing the forums to self destruct slowly without fanfare on another server.

After two years, when I decided to bail from PoF altogether, I messaged those people whom I wanted to stay in contact with and gave them my offsite email. I actually lucked out in that one gent I'd just started chatting with and I kept in touch then started a relationship. THAT is very rare there, believe me. PoF is a hookup and sex site and frankly, does a terrible job of even that.

Why did I join in the first place? At the time I logged in i thought it was a Christian site due to the name. I found the forums because at that time they were attached to the login page and were actually not bad. My first few "dating" queries brought me to reality though--definitely not a Christian site---so I hid my profile but continued, off and on, in the forums.

If I had logged in the first time today and not two years ago, I would bail back out of there immediately---don't bother with either the forums or the site, it is a total waste of time--they even limit the age range of people you can contact.

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