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Do men really find BBW attractive? Looking through the profiles on, it’s not usual that the women who want to meet big men. In fact, slim men are actively seeking big and beautiful women. Why is this?

Some men do find BBW to be very attractive. I think the right men are attracted to your personality and inside, as well as outside beauty. My friend David said, "I do like BBW because they appear to be more down to earth than skinny girls." Men want a woman with curves and is fun to be with. When a man takes a woman out for a dinner, he wants her to enjoy her food and not talk incessantly about dieting.

Plus size people are happier and the reason for this is unclear. We’re all aware of the saying “fat and happy". Does this mean only fat people are happy with who they are? Slim people are unhappy because they’re striving to reach an unrealistic weight. They deprive themselves of many nutritious foods to keep an unhealthy diet. It is also dangerous for their health and passions.
Scientists study shows that the higher the BMI (body mass index) the lower the risk of depression. People who commit suicide generally have a lower BMI than large people. To be thin makes you miserable. Dieting can bring people down and make them obsessed with their body image. You've got to be happy with what you've got and not worry about things too much. It takes work but if you can accept yourself as you then you'll be happy generally. Michael from Sydney in Australia joined He says, "There are plenty of people who like overweight girls, I am mad for plus size women, who are sexy, plump and attractive". So Michaeil obviously knows what he wants. In order to narrow his search, he has joined the niche BBW dating website and we hope he finds his dream BBW.

Being called fat doesn’t have to be a bad thing. just accept yourself and love yourself and stay positive.


There are men who like BBW's, the problem is, they are a minority in the online dating community. I live in a rural part of Oregon. I tried many sites,,, yahoopersonals, BBpeoplemeeet, and on and on, so many, I can't remember. First off, there aren't a lot of men in my area on these sites. Secondly the ones that are are not attracted to me due to my weight. I don't know who came up with plus sized people being happier, not this girl I am lonely and miserable. My experience with online dating just made it more so.


The worst part about all of this it is is that if you were just out in public and you see it thick beautiful woman and you do try to complement her or tell her how good she looks or whistle Their first reaction is to see if I'm just some asshole trying to make fun of people with really in my opinion there's nothing better than thick voluptuous woman so much that's my opinion on it ladies. Don't be quick to judge we're not all dicks. Tangoman 187 is my gmail and I hope since I can never find the beautiful woman of my dreams maybe this gets read and I get a message directly from you!

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