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I need some advice. I've been dating a girl for about 5 year and living together for 3. During that time she has gained about 50 lbs or more. She quit jogging after we moved in together and has really been putting on weight since. I love her and want to get married but how can I also tell her to lose weight. I'm afraid she's going to really blimp out after marriage.


There is no good way to tell the one you love that she is fat. Sometimes it is best to just come out and tell her that you are concerned for her health, that her weight is increasing and asking if she is feeling allright. She quit jogging? Do you jog? Going to the gym together is one way to address the issue. SInce you live together, does she do the grocery shopping alone? If you do it, or at least go with her, you can grab low fat/ low calorie foods. If you get concerned with what you eat, maybe she will follow suit. On a night that you will both be staying in, make some popcorn (no butter), and pop in the movie "Supersize me". I guarentee that it will change the way you look at food. One last tactic. If she doesn't already own one, buy her a full length mirror. Women love them and nothing disgusts a person more than seeing their own body from head to toe. Good luck. Remember that being overweight does cause serious medical problems and your concern is not simply cosmetic.


Good thoughts dhk...

Not Telling: If you have an issue with your girlfriends weight now, your bound to have this as a sore spot between the two of you for life. I happen to know what she must feel. What you can do to make it easier on her is help without critiizing. Encourage her. Work out with her (as dhk suggested). Do things together that requires phyical activity. Never tell her she's fat because that tends to very harmful to self esteem. Be her best friend, not her enemy.

Best of luck to her!


Start going to the Gym yourself and after a few months tell her that it would be a great time for you and her to spend time togethor while working out..

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