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Why are single men preyed upon so much?


I posted about an event called Lock and Key.

But as i ran the cost of dating through my head, I began to realize that here was a guy selling a siminar on meeting women on the meet up group in my last post. For a 'mere' $200.00) but just for a limited time. This jerk plans to raise his price to $350.00 in December!

For that kind of money, I would buy companionship.

Back to the topic.

Do these single event organizers ever think people are losing homes right and left, we are in a recession because of the housing market ( I saw that one coming a mile away), gas is STILL $3.00 Plus a gallon and we have gotten at least a winter break in past years. Guess the nice weahter screws us on gas costs.

But think about the cost of a cheap dinner for two in Dallas (which is becoming as expenive as LA or NYC in some respects)

Gas (depends), two movie tickets (about 20 dollars at least at a first run theater and on a weekend. OF course add the cost of a coke and popcorn and the evening is now nearly $40.00 for what was once the poor man's date-going to the movies.

I won't even go there about treating someone to dinner.

At these prices, is it wrong to expect more than 'Thanks for a fun night?'

When I did a lot of dating in the 80's and 90's, a typical evening was about $20.00 as long as there was no booze.

Dating is becoming reseved for the Paris Hilton's of the world (that's right, she never pays ). But you get my idea. Men make the same as women or less. Yet we pay the most. It is always more expensive for men at single events. Women usually get in for free or next to nothing so this will attract us lonely guys.

It is all a sham.

Wouldn't it be nice if things werre put on a fair and level playing field when it came to dating?


There are a lot of problems with trying to level the playing field.
1. Online dating is a good example of how our technology has outpaced our social practices. Unfortunately, many people think this is an environment in which men have to do all the searching and asking, while women just have to sit around and wait to get picked. Online it doesn't work that way.
2. The dating industry is practically unregulated. If laws were passed to limit the fees dating services can charge, and there were legal guidelines that their policies had to conform to, most would simply go out of business because they couldn't legally rip people off while doing very little work.
3. Everyone knows single men are desperate, but there's an unwritten rule that says desperate men are to be tormented, never loved. Just ask anyone who works at realdoll dot com... that company is overwhelmed with orders from single men who want an imitation woman.
4. Apparently most singles, both men and women, just aren't motivated enough by loneliness to start their own little local singles' clubs. They'd rather waste money instead. Dating services probably know this, and would take steps to break up such clubs because they're bad for business, if people ever started one.
5. Single men are just plain gullible.


Being a single man, I find clubs and other social meeting places discriminate against single men by charging them more than single women. Most single women get into clubs, etc for free so guys will go and be overcharged. Theri is no incentive for the women to interact with the men since it is a free evening for them sincf some guy will probably buy their drinks or pay for their entertainment.

I wish prostitution was legal everywhere. It would put a LOT of women in their place if their was a good, inexpensive place guys could get their needs serviced and not put up with the crap of women.

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