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Warning is completely fake!!!!


I am with the couple. I joined for free (you dont get all the acess of paying) and it has been awesome. I even found an old friend, so I know at least parts of it is real. I have had great convos with both men and woman, and have met in person with a few. The only thing that is my problem is all the people I'm really interested in are from areas a little too far away from me.


Total waste of money......Scam City


Be Forewarned..

I signed up just to look around last year on the free service. but before I did I used a brand new email account... this email was used just for them.. before the free service was up, I canceled it.. now I am getting TONS of spam to that address. So they are either selling their email list or the site is used just to harvest the emails.. I deleted the email address but I still see tons of email attempts in the reject log.

Happy with fling

I am female and joined with fling but not VIP so I didn't have to pay. I met and slept with 5 guys. Thats what the site is for. I am very happy with my results. Men have more problem because there just aren't many women, though I have had trouble finding a woman myself. I gave myphone number and chatted a lot by phone a lot.


I signed up for an acct. on Fling, and have had good luck! Within the first week I found someone and we met and hit it off. Now granted, there is a lot of B.S. profiles on there, but you can differ those from real ones. The biggest key is only converse with silver or gold members, this is true for most dating sites. The ones who pay to play or normaly for real, talking to standard members is a crap shoot.


Of the four dating sites I have been registered to in the past year, absolutely ranks at the very bottom. I have sent numerous messages to women and not a single reply. It seems the site is overloaded with hungry men; and presumably, the numbers (of women that Fling claims to be members) are exaggerated. Worse yet. is that - although I live in a reasonable populated area, the number of local women is very small. Another telling number, perhaps, is that on any of the video chat-lines, the men outnumber the women by at least a five to one margin.

The site lacks some of the basic features of the other sites; and the search functions are dismal. I foolishly signed up for a year on this site. I suppose the only way in which I can ever get any satisfaction from this association, is by posting my comments about, anywhere they might be read by people considering subscribing to the site - particularly men.

Terrence Rand

Well, guess what? After reading all of the other responses on the scam, I must admit, I have been taken and scammed. I have sent out over 55 messages, got one back that was generic, and another one back that stated, "same to you." Something is not right here, that's for sure..

a real person

It is so FAKE !!
please dont waste your money on its the hoax that keeps itself alive.

I was curious about it, and joined as a free member.
My profile has no picture, and i recieve lots of nude images; how many people would send their personal images too a complete invisible stranger, who has no picture?
Also why is it that all those people come from the same place ?
Next problem no one was even near the place i live i mean whitin 50 miles / kilometer; they where rather like 5000 km in range...

Next just take a look at this site owner DNS lookup, who has registred that name, and then go look where you find that name also.
All similar sites; if it was something real people wouldnt make up lots of fake sites, ofcourse to make this work, for some people it will work because even on fake sites honest people can meat the chance for that is in practice verry small.

But what makes me angry that big teams of people are hired by them to rewrite positive reviews, something not allowed here in Europe.
But in the land of the free where this originates its allowed. ( i wonder is this an american-nigeriaan style of scam ? ).


I must be one of the lucky ones on there!!! I have met at LEAST 6 women from that site. Maybe it helps that I am in Pittsburgh and the area seems pretty well saturated with females on there. I had 1 problem with someone trying to lure me into a chat room. They wanted my credit card number for AGE(?) verification.....riiiiiiight!!!!! I don't play those stupid games. But anyway,goodtimes for me frm that site.


Hey people,

I have been using Fling for almost 3 years now off and on, on the free side as well as the paying side. I am Canadian and most of the members on the site are American. It blows, however there are a few local girls every now and again. One thing you have to know is this IS NOT a dating site. It's a fling site, says it in it's name. If you are on this site looking for love you are sooooo in the wrong place.

On top of this, Hookers and all the other sleezebags around know there are very lonely people looking for some play on this and many other sights like this. I getmessages all the time from them. I have also many several women on this site, real women, not whores. Use your brain, if there picture is on the site more then once I can guarantee its a hooker. Common sense will take you a long way.

I love the site.

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