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Warning is completely fake!!!!


Why are you people eating these scammers so high. The profiles are all fake or will send you a message, "Sorry but I cannot accept messages but within my own age group". Do you think that a site that tempts you with one day or one month memberships but in the fine print states unless canceled, your membership will auto renew for $69.95 in 180 days. Come on now, 180 days like you are going to recall that when the charge hits your credit card? These people are scum just like all of the other so-called hook-up sites. Don't waste your CV time and money, honesty does not exist in this business.

Anon uk

Yes I've come to the conclusion that all sex dating sites DON.T!! Really exist its simpl really if eny did Tinda.. And Pof.would be dead in year it is strange? That they is not a real one out there that simply and easy to use there's a lot of guys out there tired of crawling back to hopeless Tinda. And being ript. Off by these international scammers until that happy day arrives we are forced to doing the old dating thing witch is unlikely to lead to a climax is nearly always a waste of time all that happens is you get older and wonder if its ever going to happen I've given up!


Sorry people but you are now going to here the truth about most but not alll Dating sites .you probably suspected this becous you like me on more than 10at least including sex dating sites .(fast food!!) And you found not one got you a single date or night of unbridled passion that becous your future and present dating and happiness is being sabotaged by the American porn industry since online dating started they have lost billions of dollars to online dating once you have a partner you don't need porn...and they know that?!so they have mined the internet with hundreds of sites knowing sooner or later throw you're iPad across the room in dispair and like meatloaf seid like a sinner at the gates of heaven I'll come crawling on back to you and it easy there's very little regulation so they can shoot as mutch Buffalo as they like and make the short fall with you're money there's a determination here to keep the girls in the fast boats and you with a box of tissues!! Soon they will by up all the good sites and then its back to bars and clubs shame really ruined be greedy evil scumbags.


My account was recently deactivated because a disgruntled guy reported me for solicitation of services when my profile has ONLY ever mentioned sugar dating and/or alternative lifestyle dating! I’ve had that account for years, and their website has nothing but explicit and pornographic photos, videos, and you’re encouraged to “go live for cash!”. Even after contacting customer service about this, they still refuse to reactivate my account! Not only this, but their website and business is deceiving because it’s called for women when they sign up, and for men!Mind you my profile has also ever been presented as classy with clothed photos, and well spoken filled out sections based on what was about and what I was looking for. Their website even has options for “sugar baby” and “sugar daddy” when you sign up!

Not a problem

This has been my second stint on Fling and it's NOT a fake. The first time I was on it, I managed to hookup with 28 women from there and so far in the month I've been on the second time I've already banged a woman. I just think half of ya'll don't know how to navigate the site or weed out the ppl. 🤷🏾‍♂️ I won't be on there for long because I've already solidified the relationships I wanted to.


#be very aware :

My Bank informed me of my email being compromised: as did transunuion and equafax!

I have never been on a dating site nor did I visit a dating site: this entity js a spam ,scam surfer , they buy phone list! Got my phone # & my area code and a phone number to trap a phone call , once I answered it directed them to my email via verizon, verizon had been hacked and thats how they got my email, and my bank caught it so did my credit card company had to switch card services! Over $6000 was charged in Chicago and South Carolina!

Fortunately I am protected!

This is a prime example of fishing and how they do it! Protect yourself and check your carriers of email# very dangerous! Nigerian related site!


how can you get dates with profiles that never login for years ? sure its all fakes


Lmao, anyone that actually thinks women need to pay on some obscure, sketchy website to get dick is absolutely veritably retarded. Don't get scammed.


the female photos are too good to be true ..they are all hot and not representative of females in general in real life ..its just scam bait


Im a female in the nc area and i have logged on to fling multiple times and they would give me a free trial after uploading pix then a few hours later they cancel my account.. From what im seeing only 35% of the community is females, they would need more women to get the men to pay instead of them seeing the same women constantly.. I would have to say fling is deffinately fake because they wont even allow women to hold an account so if the women are being given a free account and then they turn around and cancel the account who are the men really talking to..

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