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Warning is completely fake!!!!


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Hi --
Thought I'd share my experiences on both and Meet A Wife websites, supposedly for men to meet women. Others have posted so I don't need to elaborate, but I noticed that a lot of the "women" on Meet A Wife (supposedly for married men to meet married women-- NOT) and are on both websites. The same goes for Adult Freind Finder and I have been warned away from that one too.
Meet A Wife is a "gateway" site, again with the same fake "come on" emails from "women",
but at MAW the girls are video hos, they are just soliciting lonely men to go to their "live chat rooms"
at $2.50-$5 per hour, so they can writhe around and play with themselves on their webcams.
Pretty pathetic.
I was on MAW for a trial month, did not get ONE real response from one real woman, and I tried, so be warned. It always, 100%, led to "go to my chat room..." after a small number of emails.
You would be an exception if you actually met an actual woman who agreed to meet you in person.
I think there are far more rip off sites on the internet than sites where you can really meet people.

And let's face it-- as always, women call the shots, they can meet any guy they want any time, it's like a
big happy hunting ground for them. As far as "horny housewives", they don't exist, and after age 40 or
so they don't care about sex anymore anyway. A lot of them a lot younger than that don't either-- sex
is just a means to an end and they seem to be mercenaries.
So if you're a single guy looking to meet women I'd stick to the legitimate well known sites.


so do you know any good websites


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Address: Lawrence G. Walters, 195 W. Pine Ave, Longwood, FL 32750

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Fax: (407) 774-6151

im Joshua

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I been on fling for a while and I am not fake, I just can't fine a real man that's there for what is's call. right now it more and more youngings on fling that just want to show off their bodies.
So there are some real people on there waiting for that real FLING.

Hey is this real lol..wtd so early?

Got Game

was on for one night and connected with 5 real beauties. 1 turned out to be runnin a cam business but i still kicked it with her anyway.

smashed every time...

think yall just got no game


Yeah, this chick somehow got my phone number and sent me some (I'll admit good looking) photos and then said her sister was leaving with the phone since her ex broke hers...? Then sent me a link to the fling website. Don't like the fact that they somehow got my real phone number.


tell that to the thirty or so women i have hooked up with since five months ago...and half drive to see me between two and three hours. The site pays me. It has since basically the beginning. Dont be a bitter bethany or a sour sue-ann about it. Just have some personality and confidence. Its easy.


its that same unshaven guy in the Brooklyn basement in his underpants and filthy T shirt posing as an attractive women asking you for nude photos guys ..dont go there save your money


ALL of these sites are scams , every one , no exceptions . The photos you see and profiles are of real people but not the people you are talking to. They maybe in the Phillipines or anywhere, the people in the photos have long gone ( just ghosts looking at you ) And they share these around from site to site . They build a data base of these overtime , ready for more nieve, willing victims , designed especially for men , appealing to our desires and keeping people in hope they are real !!!

They try to redirect you to another site , claiming they need a security and age check , and entice you with saucy photos of other people., in a determined
Effort to part with as much money as they can get.

No good comes from ANY of these websites,
I know because I have talked to a person actually behind the computer, pulling the strings!!!


all leads go back to nigeria russia and ukraine mostly ..and western union facilitates the money shipments to fraudsters with fake IDs

Jack is Back

^^^ Totally agree with the guy above. Something is very fishy about them.

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