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Warning is completely fake!!!!


Quote by: Dr

fling is one of the larger scams; all involved need prison time. Women do not post ads for sex on the internet. Think about it.,, craigslist personals, and adultfriendfinder are of course scams as well

I'm a woman who was considering using Fling for my fiance and I to find some fun. Not all women have the balls to go out and find "flings" on their own.


No Bullshit I have Hooked up with lots of women Off Fling .com. Im From memphis and all the chicks I connected with were real.

ain't a scam

It Isnt 100 percent fake. it's about 5 percent fake. there are scammers on fling and other sites, but most of the people are real. unfortunately for people who aren't good looking, you aren't going to get any responses because the women aren't interested in you. they get hundreds of messages each day from guys who are all the same, why would they respond?? Trust me, plenty of the women are real.


Can anyone tell me plz how to delete a account .. i didnt pay for it .. i signed up free .. but now having second thoughts.. plz need help ! =(


Of course they put in extra profiles and set up video chat and try to get extra cash out of you, so what......

It's fraud. That's what.

There are real people there...but they are hidden in among thousands of fake profiles.

If you bought a hamburger and they gave you something that was 50% filler, would you find it acceptable because there was some beef in it?


This site is such a sham, why haven't we formed a department that keeps crap like this off of the internet. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY, buy a lotto ticket instead.

just in time


All the people sites are like that--- I have had alot of response on MySpace-- only to have the guy say he was suddenly out of the country and needed money to get home. Also, they beg you to call them at some foreign number---
If you lay it out at the beginning- they go away-
I actually lead one guy on, only to tellhim that I NEVER call anyone outside the country, and if he couldn't ge home to call his family. WTF??? Just cuz I am alone doesn't mean I am stupid.
Also, watch out for anyone who tells you his/her life story n the first correspondence. Of course they love you, and want you to trust and love them-- That's how they getcha!!!

You just have to be aware, and cut off the crap. Don't give up though-- There are lots of good people lookin for just the right one!!!

No Love Lost
in Burlington, Vermont Mr. Green


From a womans perspective, fling is not all fake. I joined a couple weeks ago (out of a joke, really) and can say I am not paid, I'm not an unattractive hooker, or someone who will ignore you forever.
WITH THAT BEING SAID, My inbox gets FLOODED with men who copy and paste the same message daily, even after I deny requests and everything else. I met someone off the site within a week or so, by my own will.
dont blame it all on the ladies. Im twenty years old and just because I'm on fling does not mean that I am turned on by men in their 50s, 60s, and/or obese and hairy (or have an extremely strange fetish). And men whose schlongs are their profile pics dont help. So, I don't answer. The guy I met and still have a FWB relationship with is older, but he approached me in a way that wasn't creepy or murderous.

But seriously, assuming I'm only fairly attractive, can you imagine the mass volumes of emails I get tired of looking at? Why would I sit and reply to all of them if I'm not interested? Plus, I go on there just to check out some stuff and men assume it means "I WANT SEX." and it doesnt.

A lot of closet lesbians not looking for men tend to be on there too. strange. But this is all my two cents. I guess I think its okay, but not completely fake for a woman.


So Anonymous (notice that he's Anonymous - at least he's just far enough above the IQ of a monkey to stay Anonymous with the ignorance he spewed out here) He says that you are all idiots because if you signed up on Fling there are real people on the site - Sure Anonymous (let's call him IA - Ignorant Anonymous for short) - if you were convinced to join by hot pics of 18 year old women who wanted sex now - who turned out to be fake - and ALL of you decided to go gay and hook up with all the other suckers who joined - then Yes - it IS full of Real people!

He further admits that "Of course they put in extra profiles and set up video chat and try to get extra cash out of you, so what" SO WHAT?? Like I want to spend money and TIME ( when I could be at a bar meeting REAL women) sending emails to a fake profiles? IA YOU stick to the fake profiles on Fling and your tub of KY - the rest of us will go meet REAL people


I wish I had also read this message earlier. Just a few days ago I became a paying customer, I am female and had the same response with the men on this site "give me your email so we can chat," and no email. Also, Imade an appointment to meet with someone in a public place and it was a no show. I truly regret paying for this site, so that I can instantly chat with someone who is full of crap!:[/color][/size]oops:

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