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Warning is completely fake!!!!

annonymous b

I have been on another chat site and a girl messaged me and asked me to go to another web site, as her botfriend keeps checking her mail, alarm bells rang as she never told me what site it was she just said click here ( My Profile ) i did this as i was currious and was taken straight to fling, this is not the first time this has happened it has happened a few times, she told me it was a free site so i signed up but have not gave them any my details and certainly havent gave my bank details, alot of these girls think and i repeat THINK they are fly but as a user to chat sites ive seen all the tricks and mostly they all say the same thing, it is a complete con and i urge all guys and girls out there to stay well clear of them all as they will all rip you off without even thinking twice about it, also when you go to a site and they ask for bank details and they say that its is only for age verification, (what alot of nonsence) i cant beleive people actually fall for this! now why would they need your bank details? all they need to do by law is have a disclaimer saying that you verify that your of age to use these sites, the only reason these sites want bank details is they want to enter your account and take what they want, infact you probably would be safer broadcasting your details on you tube or facebook or something, the best part for me is i kid them on i am going to give them my details and it is really funny as some of these girls are so nieve its un real, for talking sake they ask me for £20 i will say, aw do you want me to give you £50 plus a tip for chatting with me and they fall for it everytime and they are not happy when i finally tell them were to go, but at the end of the day the longer i am wynding them up for then the longer there away from trying to rip people off! these girls will tell you anything to get your card details and as soon as you have given them it you will not hear from them again, i just hope that there is no man or woman out there who fall for this out of date scam please people dont be stupid and be carefull...


FLING IS NOT FAKE. I have met alot of women on there. The men have to pay for their account and the women dont. But the women only get 2 free messages daily. If you want to meet them u have to see who is online and send them message. It list the online women from closest to far.. If the women arent interested they will reply. Some are selling and try to get money but if they like u they will try to hook up with u on the spot. TIP 40% ARE LOOKING FOR RELATIONSHIP 35% LOOKING FOR MONEY 20% SEX ONLY 5% JUST LOOKING FOR FUN. AND IT MIGHT TAKE A MONTH OR 2 TO MEET UP WITH SOMEONE UNLESS SHE WANTS YOU.


I'm a woman and I member of fling. I have a friend on there as well and she hooked up with about 4 guys from there. I'm hooking up with one this weekend. So bottom line is just like all experiences in life, there are positives and negitives. Of course there may be hookers solicitating but there are also real women such as myself just looking for fun Wink




Oh I can assure you Fling & Adult Friend Finder are VERY REAL. I have been on both sites for over a year. I have met more men then I ever thought possible, made a ton of friends, have had some of the most amazing sexual experiences, and every met my fiance there.

It is only fake if you fall for the BOT & webcam girls. You need to put some effort into it if your a guy, and make sure your pics are smoking hot. If your a girl...all I know is I said what I really wanted, there up some pics, and I had more offers than I knew what to do with.


Dont know if we are using the same site but i havent had any issues w/the services or the people on the site. Im not a paid member and i can email and chat with diff users. Ive also met some cool people and couples on the site. Ive been a member since 2008 and still a free member with the same access can send messages 5 or so a day and im a few times a day........ Big Grin [

richard wiggles

To be quite honest, Ihad the same prob for awhile.. So far I hooked up with 2 woman from fling tho..I am glad that i stumbled upon this tho..

A Nigerian-non-scammer !!

Hey ! Watch out people !! There are Nigerians browsing this website and I am horrified to read from one of you above that Fling has a component of Nigerian scammers ! For your information Nigeria has a population of approximately 50million human beings and just because a handful decided to cut the corners and make it "RICH" overnight should not precluide your intellect from recognizing that one bad apple cannot spoil the good hard working millions of wonderful, sexy, marvelous,brilliant,hot and steamy people of the former member of the Songhai Empire !! LOL !! Hey fellas, this Nigerian checked out Fling and dropped my e-mail with them and they completely blanketed my email box with the most gorgeous women particularly hot Asian lesbian women with their tongues hanging out as if they were expecting a three-some with me . Many of the girls were naked which struck a negative cord in me prompting me to ask myself "Why would you want to "EAT" exposed "FOOD" ?" I refused to pay even a dime because it was too good to be true with a very experinced person like me !! LOL !! Sorry for you guys that you were taken ! I wish you were Nigerians ....then you would clearly distinguish FAKE from REAL !! The whole world is replete with scammers.. from top to bottom. If you work hard for your money like do, you would be more hesitant and judicious in spending it..... particularly on SEX FREAKS !! Well I am still looking with my two eyes wide open !!!!!!!!! TRUST NO ONE ON THE INTERNET WITH YOUR CASH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AaaMmmEeeNnn !!!


Lol well I've been an on off member for a couple years and I will admit there are a bunch of fakes on fling I have hooked up more than once because of it ...there are real ppl on there u just gotta look haha and they have to respond to u also lol


People Fling like so many other sites are a victim of spamers who direct you to there sites. You have to alert the managers of the site your on of the spamers. Adult Friend Finder gets them all the time, I'll alert them and they delete those profiles and protest the spamers. You'll find them on every site including Yahoo & Match. REPORT THEM WHEN YOU COME ACROSS THEM. Bronz*censored* .

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