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Warning is completely fake!!!!


Its not completely fake one problem with it is in the chat rooms alot of these guys that are moderators in the room will ban you just because they dont know you or you dont get your cam on fast enough. Then the girls that are moderators alot of them if you just say hi to them they ban you from the room. Not all of them, its usually the same ones that do it and they are on the site all the time no matter what time of day or what day you log in they are online. Unfortunatley there is usually about 2 to 5 rooms on there that have alot of women in them and they are the same rooms every day and those are the rooms that have the punk guys that will ban you just because they dont know you. One room that is on there every single day and always alot of girls in it is the utopia room and the asshole that starts it loves to just get in there and start banning people for no reason. There is about 3 other rooms that are the same but not quite as bad.


Fling is hit and miss. They have cleaned it up quite a bit but some scammers still get through. Just be careful and take it slow on there.


Never signed up for fling, but tried adult frien finder. Same type of *censored*. Best bet is just get a hooker. To bad craigs list to that section out.


I didnt sign up for fling but adult freind finder. Same type of Sh*t. Yep, I am very sure there are some real chicks on there. Fat, gross, nasty, disgusting, and diseased ridden women! And yes I am sure the good reviews are done by the people that are paid to promote the site. C'mon, guys! Get a grip! How many realy hot women go on a web site that want sex right now, when all they have to do is stroll down to the local bar and do just as well if not better than what they are finding on these sites. I joined AdultFriend Finder knowing it was a scam and wanted to see just how big of one it was. My assumtions were right on! Don't let anyone one try to tell you this type of fu**ing S*it is real in anyway! Use your damn head dudes!

Fling is a Joke

I have been with Fling a few times as I don't seem to learn. The only thing good about the site are the cams as you can see other people on cam and sometimes it can be crazy, but fun. But as for meeting ladies never gonna happen. The ladies are either fake, stuck up, or just there to talk not to have a fling or even meet you for a coffee.


I was a paying gold member of fling for 4 or 5 months. I have experianced the sluts from over seas but it's easy to spot them after the first couple so don't let it bother you because the people that use fling for makeing money can do the same thing on other sites, it's just that fling is geared tward sex and a stiff dick doesn't think. Anyway I found a wondrefull man and had so much fun on fling that we both kept paying for a few months after we met. I didn't read all these negative comments but I guarantee that all yall are the type of people that think smacking your keyboard and mouse will make your computer respond when it is haveing trouble.


I have been on for a while and I am 100% real and I have hooked up with two different women that were very real lol I think all sites have their fakes and their mone makers but Fling also has real women. Just do your homewprk and don't waste your time with the fakes. If you don'tget a name and number and a time to meet then move on. Ciao, Salome'

Big Dick Dub

Its Not That Its Fake.. But Its A Site That Promotes Models And Escorts.. There Are Real People To Be Found Amongst The Fakes.. Just Like In Real Life.. You Just Have To Be Able To Tell Whos Who And Stop Lusting After Instant Results.. If Its Really That Serious Go To The Blade And Let A Ho Get Paid.. Its A Skill Worth Learning!!


I dont even use this site but i noticed that the women who model for this site are on plenty other tube sites as advertisements not for fling. sadly enough i recognized an ass


accualy i use and i have for almost a year now but i have yet to get messages from fake pages there r real pages u just have to look harder to find them ive had alot of luck on the site and plan to use it more its all about where u look Smile LOL

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