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Warning is completely fake!!!!

dont think so



I signed up too a another site that got mention here and my problem was that I received a few local contacts
and when I tried to get a hold of them they were removed for abuse or had there profile turned off.
makes me wonder.
I dont think I was the actual girl who was trying to get my attention .
nope I think it's computer generated. messing with my mind.
trying to make me think that I'm getting some were.


I have the same stupid expirience with fling... I cant even logg into my paid account and the thing is anoying. But my question is: how do you cansule your registartion?


I would disagree wit this statement as I am currently a member on the site and have met and dated guys from the site.
Sorry others have had negative experiences.


No It isnt completely fake...Ive been on there for months and yea you have the occasional scammer and what not but there are also a lot of real people on there.Iuse both the video chat and message system and have had success in the past with meeting real people.


I was on that site and im real,,,,

just me

i have met a few guys from fling and i can say it was a most eventfull experience. i had a good time with each guy sum better than the others. sum guys do lie about their situations ig. apperances, living situations ,but overall i had fun. i am still a member and still flinging!!!!1 Mr. Green


It's not a fake sight!!,....but there are some fake profiles. In fact, I was looking up the fling sight again and found this ridiculous forum. I have to comment! -- The thing is, I've had some very interesting experiences from it and want to share this information, but here's how it goes. Beware ---- of online chat girls or people from some strange foreign country that want your information. It might just be an email address that these people want, so they can send tons of porn junk mail. Find out and avoid these people by testing their English skills or just messaging back and forth until you find out what they really want. If it's a chat girl, she'll eventually be straight forward or will only want to converse via email. If it's a foreigner who pretends to be a pre-med student, don't be a fool. It was too good to be true. Also, don't be a creep and accuse someone of being a fake to quickly, they might just be real. Rejection needs to be handled like a gentleman or you might get kicked off the sight...or so the sight says. Never took that chance myself, but... fake profiles do get deleted, if the service reps figure it out. which explains why some people got messaged by "no longer a member" types Now here's the deal, ---- so you can get the kind of attention you're dying for and not get jipped. Read the following. Put up photos of yourself... They can be sensual, but don't go for vulgar. Put up your best looking photos. If you've got a descent to good looking body, then show it off a little bit. If you're not a descent to good looking guy, then good luck. I would say that your personality, patience, and nice homely pics might be able to do the trick, but don't be picky. You may have to practice with the desperate ones first. By the way, even naughty women are ladies in public. In fact, the real naughty ones really strive to carry themselves as ladies in public, so treat them as such. Although you should remember that it is a sex sight and you should definitely remember to flirt a bit. Put up a profile... Be straightforward.. Don't play the nice guy. You're not on that site to just make friends and you know it, so say it. On the other hand, don't oppose it. Use words like,.... see where it goes. I mean,.. what if the chick is psycho? You need to be cautious too. In fact,.. put yourself in their shoes for a moment. Take a look at your competition.. That's right! Even on a regular dating site. You should do a search, pretending to be a female, and look at your competition(most likely other men) It'll give you a feel of what these girls are seeing. They don't expect to have to message men. Most won't even try cause they get about 30 to 50 messages a day, and they can only check about 5 on a free-membership Think of it this way too... since the girls don't have to pay in order to sign up. they can just be curious about the sight and not pay any mind to it, even forget it for a while, so be patient and be okay with rejection. On occasion, it should be okay to continually flatter the girl with a unique and always different compliment like,.. Wow! I really that tatoo you have of the dolphins on your leg... Then... here's the kicker.. follow up with a short question.. What inspired that? :-) .. and emoticons are great too Here's what it is,.. People can't resist wanting to talk about themselves. Especially women. They want to talk about what makes them unique. Also, most people only pay attention to the first line of a message before they decide to continue reading.Kind of like a book title or news article. In fact, that's probably how I got your attention. Most of these forums said,.. ya ya it's a fake.. but seriously,.. it's not, and I have nothing to gain from this except self satisfaction right now cause I'm bored and can get on the sight cause of technical difficulties.. Yup,.. I'm a bit of a looser,.... but lol.. I've got a few good ones mixed with bad stuff too... Flirted with a stewardess on this site( I was using some older photos that showed me when I was really fit, so I got to know her first then told her the truth and sent her some more recent photos. To my surprise, she was still interested, but,.. she was one hot cougar too... meaning,.. she was probably a bit excited to meet a younger man discreetly at her place Big Grin Now here's the kicker, she was really into fit people,.. we flirted a bit. Had a nice conversation, .. flirted,.. conversed,. continued then,.. I kissed her passionately,.. we were in the bedroom in no time.. had a good time,.. I had to leave,.. and .. she never messaged or responded again. I begged her for the truth until she confessed,.. I was too chuby for her. She came 5 times!! but said I was too fat.. Oh well. I was mad at first, but later had to smile about it. That was my best and worst experience on fling. Hope you get a good experience too, and don't take rejection so hard. Good luck!! Frank


Sorry Frank, I have to agree with the majority. I signed up for contact with females over 55. Within 15 minutes I had received emails for women 19 to 26 yet I had not even filled out a profile. Money down the drain, totally FAKE.


Am shocked to read most of your comments guys in this era
You still give credit card numbers,c'mon let's face it if you
Wanna meet a descent lady not on fling,besides its fake
Just international online scams run by nigerians,philipines
Japan,china,india and russia.BE CAREFULL!!!!!

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