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Warning is completely fake!!!!


I had a woman fron the Ukrinrethat seemed like the perfect partner,we wrote for a great length of time.Preety,a knouckout,yet I am used to that as I am successful and not hard to look at.Yet when it came to sending money I am well educated and a psychologist with great empathy so I overlooked to much.Yet when I confrontered her she was well trained,and defrauds men for a living.I played her,she had no clue.She and many others are in jail,as even overseas.they to do not like this.I will bet she and others wished they never met a smart man.Good luck ladies! Hope you all like your new home.Got there numbers,addresses,etc.See I am not a thief,yet have learned there way of thinking from my practice,and I am one of the best out of the 1200 I work with.Got them.

A crazy person

Fling isnt fake lol Fling is just that fling umm any of you who say its fake have u tried to go into the chatrooms on there? ever actually tried to do something besides message the ad chicks they make profiles for to promote the site now is it fair they do that to reel horny guys in prolly not but guys fall for it everyday lol I have made many great friends on fling and meet in person from the site now are there people out there trying to take advantage of users of course everysite on the internet has them the point is be aware of what your getting into before hand all sites have issues but to blame a site caus eu paid to get sex u only have one person to blame yourself there are women who do want sex but they arent going to promote that til they talk to you not just blab it out there and if you go on fling expecting your going to be let down

kevin j


just a quick note. I did meet up with a lady and had lot of fun as a consequence of this site. However, the cancelling of membership if you do not live in US is a nightmare. All arrangements stated on the website are false, email address etc do not work. Finally, think have achieved this by starting at the source and home page for if you were starting afresh and registering an account. under the terms and conditions it has email links which actually work!. You will need the original email confirming your initial order as this has a unique numeric id which is never used on the website!. plus a billing number which you handily have to alter so instead of putting in123456_78910 as said on your bill, you have to enter 12345678910. Confused?, i was but to be fair it looks to have worked as it got my account details up and after a few screens trying to change my mind i got a confirmation it had been closed. will repost if this is a false dawn!

Pity as the cancelling of the membership aside, when i was actively using the site i did meet someone through it, think its same as most dating sites, if a stunning 20 yr old contacts you out of blue and you are clearly nearly forty then alarm bells should ring!

No problem guy

Hey, I met local people of this site an spoke with some over the phone. Yes, there is the possibility that you might chat with girl from oversea, but keep in mind that is foriegn website. Check you credit card statement and you will notice an international surcharge for membership. Keep in mind that a lot of sites will post fake profiles to get more me people to sign on. It is no different than going to an auction with people hired by the bank or auctioneer to bid on the items, intentionally raising the bid. If you don't like the site, cancel your membership and go to the mall to meet someone.


Obviously you guys are picking the drop dead gorgeous girls that look like porn stars...look for the normal ones that are cute. Def worked for me because I have been at least a handful of girls that are real and true to what they post on there. You idiots need to stop looking at the girls who post pictures of being pornstars, no pornstar is going to want to get with a guy on fling anyways unless shes old and shriveled up. Use your heads...the real ones!


I joined up as as a free trial member ( NO WAY was I giving them my credit card number ) and as I'm in a wheelchair in real life that was 1 of the 1st thing's I said in my profile, I'm always being up frount and truthful on any dating site so that if the person reading it has a problem with my disability it doesn't bother me if they do and they dont waist there time or mine. Anyway as I was saying I said in my profile that I was in a wheelchair, had average look's, very slim build and because of my spinal problems could not always rise to the occasion so to speek, next thing you know I'm getting e-mails from saying that so and so wants to either add me to there "buddies" list or wants to meet up for a hot and steamy time and it was always acompanied by a picture of a drop dead gourgous femail and it would always say if you wish to contact so and so join up now and become a full "PAYING" member. Now why would a drop dead hottie want to hook up with a 32yo skinny whiye guy that badly needs a tan and is in a wheelchair when she would only have to go to the 1st night club and have her choice of almost any guy in the club in 5 mins of walking in. So you tell me if it's a SCAM or not. As the saying goes " If it's to good to be true it usely is" so what do I say about SCAM and if your want to throw good money away go for it, but I feel sorry for you open your eye's Geek


i subcribed to but i receive massages from fling and i cant log in. my password keep changing and everytime i have request a new password.its fake.i wonder how to get my money back?


NO ITS NOTS - I have been on again and off again on the site for three (3) years and I have met over 6 wonderful ladies locally and still chat with others that live farther away. I have never been asked for any email, credit cards, or been sen to a hotmail address. However, I live in WI and most of the professionals are in the bigger coastal states.


Has anyone thought of bringing a class-action lawsuit against them? I didn't read any reviews and wasted $34.95...thank god I didn't use a credit card....and yes it is a total SCAM. avoid at all costs!


Ok I am a real woman and I belong to Fling. I have been on there for about a year now. I have a free account and can respond to messages from the Gold members. Usually if I think I click with someone I will give them my yahoo IM for easier chatting.
I'm sure there are some women on there who are scammers(they even have a way to report this to Fling). The site itself is not a scam. I have met online some very fun guys and in fact recently met in person someone I had been talking to for almost a year. Really nice guy and we had dinner together. So, it's not the site that's the scam, you just have to be smart and weed out the scammers.

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