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Warning is completely fake!!!!


I have been here a while,never met anyone but in many conversations I have come to believe their are other like me who joined to meet people yet there are many here trying to take advantage of others & it does seem many of them are paid or being used as decoys to promote the site. It does piss you off when all I want to see on the list is real people here for the same reason. Being that that is what they get money for I wish a lawyer would be able to hit all of the sites that practice deception [stealing on a grand scale]

P!$$ed Off

Things haven't changed since the last poster's comments. I got 8 hits from women all young enough to be my daughter in the first two hours I had my profile up; I'm guessing they were system generated hits. There can't be that many 22-24 year olds interested in guys over 50!

Everyone that you click on takes you straight to the "upgrade" page. To make it more fun, the contact customer service link (an email to isn't a valid email. No other way to contact them to remove my profile, either.


Yes, it's all fake. The only real response I got was from a guy that lived within 50 miles of my area. Too bad I'm not gay. If you are interested adult meeting sights, I suggest you use Adult Friend Finder but with a little caution. I've met people from that sight a few times and it worked out great, but I'm pretty sure it's the same people that publish Fling. When you go into the underworld you get what you get. But Adult Friend Finder has worked for me.


UGHH!! well i just found out my fiancee just started an account this morning with.. hes stupid..
oh yeah its behind my back. he doesnt know i know.. Evil Evil Evil


How can you cancel your account? Do you have to pay them the 35$ = the cancelling fee? Has anyone cancelled their account yet? please respond


That's why your supposed to look at the people in just your area. Funny story but that's where I met my husbabnd and we've been happily married and together now for three years. So I guess we're the upside of fling.

suspicious girlfriend

I'm curious as my wonderful boyfriend says "I've never!!! signed up for anything like that" do you guys out there (or girls) receive facebook friend requests from these girls you meet on he tells me its spam and unrelated, DUH! so when you sign up for, is it an online sex chatting thing on an intimate level or is it a dating site? please save me from being naive!!! I feel I'm being taken for a fool?!?!


Scam or not my husband login and paid the membership, come the divorce!!!!

Who are these Idiots!!!

Hey whoever wrote this s**t is lying. Fling is real and their are tons of reallll people on there. I met a girl on there that I dated for a year who is still to this day one of my best friends. I have met plenty of people on there. Now I wouldnt believe those pictures that are up when you register that have a location and blah with them but the site is legit. The site is loaded with real people sometimes you just have to spot a bot or scam artist the fake profiles are really obvious though. Fake profiles are on any site like that supermodels who message you out of nowhere whatever!! But real people are there and get on cam and talk and a lot of people go their daily its kind of addicting lol. So I dont know who these guys are getting scammed maybe their just not very smart or dont know how to tell the difference but if you have a brain and a personality and at least some kind of moderate good looks there are plenty of people to talk to. Stupid people geez.


Exclamation Just a word of warning folks; I had a friendship request on facebookfrom a random lass whose photos were on a link to I was suspicious so googled the site and arrived here.Many thanks google Wink

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