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Male sacmmers we are hot on your trails .

Dating internet scams ????

Hi Adm.

I must say that after reviewing some of these site ( Dating sites ) I found that some of the men on these sites have certain issues the last guy I e-mailed to was a real scam to say it any a good way .I went back to the sites that I found him on and notified the Adm. of the intentions of the man on their site but at the time I had several other woman contact me and tell me about him .I work for a govt .agency I would like to remove this man off any internet use so that woman will not be victims of cruel games. I 'm seeking to talk to the attorney general on this one for the mean time I would stay out of Heart Detective as they have not been helpful with this matter Yahoo Personals and the other sites have made the investing of time into this matter.I would suggest that everyone who has been into any situation like this one write the company and tell them that they wil file a legal report. This is not right . How else can you make sure that you are not take ? I will ask you that question as Adm.
Honesty is the best policy


OP, join the eral world. Stop running to the teacher because someone pushed you at recess.

What good does filing some report 9that will go into the circular file 0 do??

If you think that the intenet should be policed in an effective way against men ANd women scammers and liars and time wasters, i would not agree more.

But until the dating sites deminish and wehave just a handful instead of everyone and their dog with a date site sinc e it is easy money, there are too many to police .

I wished on line datind DID work but after 7 years of trying onv various free and paid sites, i have called it quits unti i reach the age that women out number guys (about 10 more years in my case). But do i want an old lady to date? not really. And by then, i will be so used to being by myself, I doubt i will be interested in women.

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