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In need of some help


I work at Subway and down the street is a video store and theres a girl who comes for food every now and then. I finally got to serve her like a week ago and I need to know if she might be interested in me.

The first time I served her she was wearing her uniform and was really nice to me, she was smiling a lot and maintained good eye contact and she smiled a fair bit. She also had her hair up when I talked to her. The next two times she came in and I served her she got a lot nicer to me and laughed a lot more at my jokes and smiled a lot more and her hair was down. She also seemed to ask more questions about me, such as how long I've worked here for? etc.

So is it possible that she might be interested in me or is she just being nice and feeling sorry for me because I work at Subway? Any help anyone may have with my situation would be great.


Years ago I was in a similar situation but I was the one who worked at a video store.

Sounds to me she at least likes you. I would go ahead and ask her out next time if there are no customers in the store or maybe goto the video store she works at to rent a movie and see if she talks to you there.


Thanks for responding.

I think I'm going to go over to where she works and ask her out there.

Wish me luck.


Good Luck!

Let us know how it goes!


I think that you need ask her if she has boyfriend, if no - she likes you.

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