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I hate when woman email me about my income straight away. Lately I have had a few emails like the following -

"Hey, I like your picture! What do you do and how much do you make?"

Don't they want to know a little about me first? It's not that I don't mind people asking me about this but it would be the same as me asking a woman in the first email how big her breasts are.

I understand that we all are use to a certain standard of living and so most are interested in people that make some money.

If you make a good living you most likely will not settle for someone making minimum wage at McDonalds. That goes for both sexes. I have met gold diggers that usually have no money and really are out for men with a LOT of money. If you want to know what a man makes, just dont make it sound like that is the only thing you want to know (and certainly not the first thing).


I'd have to agree, to a certain extent. It may appear the person is a "gold-digger". I too look at income, but not first. I get to know someone but do take their income into account. Sometimes men have problems if you make more money than they do. Also, in this day and time, a person has to make a certain amount of money to be able to support themselves. If their income is below this level, they more than likely have roommates, live with parents or are in debt and possibly in danger of financial problems, if they don't have them already. These things need to be considered when choosing someone that may turn into a spouse.

the Tin Man

Looking at things from the other side of the equation: younger women who are after "sugar daddies" need to put themselves in his shoes, and see things from his perspective.

Sister, if you DO nab that rich young sharp-looking CEO, let me tell you, unless you also have a lot of money, you'll never be more than an "arm charm" to the guy. I know this, because I've worked around these high-powered rich-boy types, and you have my word for it, they don't care about women, only about growing their own little personal empires (read: running a company like it was a jail). I have owned two businesses, so I know how these guys think.

So, when you see a shiny BMW pull up nearby, and some handsome, well-dressed young guy gets out of it and smiles at you... RUN.


Maybe, the emails you receieved are from scammers and suggar babies. They just love your money, rather than you!



Oh boo hoo hoo, boys. This complaint is directly proportionate to your frantic fixation on female dimensions. As in "Who cares if she eats puppies for breakfast-- is she HWP?"

Shoe's on the other foot. All you care about in a female is measurements, and all she cares about you is the size of your bank account.

Suck it up or grow the hell up. Your choice.

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