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Can you recognize a Relationship RED Flag?
Don't ignore the RED flags! They are meant to warn you. Take heed and save yourself a lot of money, heartache and stress!

1. He/she is recovering from ANYTHING! (ie. alcohol, drugs, gambling, etc.)

2. He/she is currently unemployed and claims to be "looking".

3. He/she appears to over indulge in one or more of the following: sex, drugs, food, gambling, etc.

4. He/she is over 25 yrs. old and does not have an automobile or place of residence. (college students should be the only exceptions)

5. He/she does not get along with his mother or father.

6. He/she has more than one (1) child by different men or women and has never been married.

7. He/she does not want or like children. (especially if you do, chances are they won't change their mind)

Your submission next...


8. He watches to much sports!


agree with one exception-kids.

I am one that never wnated kids. My wife (now ex wife) had a teen daughter from hell that broke up the marriage.

I have used personal ads for years and I remember when both men and women but 'NO KIDS' in their ads.

Now you are some kind of monster if you don't like ther darling child.

George Orwell

I find the first post in this thread to be very smug, simple-minded and unrealistic. All people have problems. The guy who is unemployed and looking might be a former COO who's overqualified for 99% of jobs and underqualified for the remaining 1% that are available. A guy like that can take years to find a new job. But you're saying he has no redeeming qualities just because he's out of work? I had a vehicle when I lived somewhere that required it. In my current city, a vehicle is an inconvenience and unnecessary expense. Parking is a nightmare and can eat up your whole disposable income. So I take taxis or, rarely, public transit, and when I need to go out of town I rent a car. But you would write me off because I'm over 25 and don't have a car? And are you telling me that, just because someone is battling an addiction, he should hack his genitals off with a hatchet and forget about having a lover or partner for the rest of his life? But I guess we all know you're perfect and have no problems at all.

ticked off

I agree with most of what you wrote. However some men and women (myself included) KNOW that we are not parent material and are honest about it. So it is better not to enter a relationship that the person has kids and you do not fel you have that streak in you that you may eventually be their step-parent and all that goes with it. I used to advertise in the print ads under other posts that I have written and many women (about the same as men) sstate NO KIDS) in their ads. This is where I first learned about the issue with kids. My step daughter basically borke up a decent marriage that may still be going strong. But my wife at the time promised to send her daughter to live with her father if her daughter and I could honestly not get along. I tried my best for over a year and the truth is that the kids was lazy, spoiled rotten, never did anything around the house like cleaning 9including her own room) and had I grown up in the hosue that she was able to live in, I owuld have thought that I was in paradise. I would NEVER date a woman with a daughter and women that I have talked to after my divorce have confied that teen age girls are generally horrible. Teenage boys are possibly a little better but I have never dated a woman with kids that lived with their mother after my divorce unless they were living on their own. And if you do NOT want to be a parent or step partent (and you know deep in your heart if you do), then do all a favor and not get involved unless you are willing to take a huge gamble . The woman will put her kid(s) first no mater what they say and the kid(s) are very clever since there are so many divorces and they are a lot smarter than they are a LOT smarter than I wasw when I was a teen. . Also what is over-indulgence. Watching football 3 times a week. One cable system offers 14 football games in one day I beleive. So that is over indulgence. But if you are a guy, you are supposed to love sports (which I don't and never have except for non team sports like martial arts) But the rest that was orginally writen is good advice.

Ticked off

TWO MAJOR flags are that at a certain age, a person still lives with their parent(s). The second flag is that at a certain age they have never been maried or had many relationships. This is a sign they can't commit and unless you are truley special , do you thhink you will be 'the one"?

inspector 5

I agree with George Orwell

The first post is very closed minded, and arrogant. just because you can't make good decisions when it comes to dating you shouldn't try to sway others to your point of view. I also live in a city where a car just isn't all the hassles. I just I'm dating a woman who doesn't have a car for the same reason. I have been recovered from alcohol for over 20 years. And as I'm am working now I was out of work for a year due to my job being outsourced to overseas. Hmmmmm I'm glad I'm not you BUBBA. The woman I'm with now dated knowing all of this and we are very happy together. I bet you have a white pointed hood also.

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