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Umm, I dunno if it's just me, or if it's really common, or what, but it's kinda getting to me. I'll write a message to a few girls whose profiles seem to indicate that our personalities would be compatible, only to see that they all read my message and deleted it without writing back. Now, if they don't write back, I dunno if they're trying to play hard-to-get, or what, but I usually feel like it's just a big "F-off" and don't write them again, and start working my way through profiles, looking for other people and sending them thoughtful, relevant messages, usually with the same results. By the time I've exhausted the entire list of girls in my area that I might get along with, I've got like 1 person who might write to me a couple of times, and that's it... Frown

Am I the only one this is happening to? What should I do about it? Just give up on the whole concept of meeting somene online altogether? Or does anyone have any kind of tips on what to write that would encourage them to write back, rather than flat-out deleting my message?

Sorry you are having a discourageing response. Some people can be mean and I think no response is rude when a simple "Thanks for writing" would be pretty clear.
It is important to keep initial greetings friendly and upbeat. I am much more likely to respond to someone who at least starts off positive and doesn't overwhelm me with too much information or so many questions I feel like I am being grilled.
It really pays to read profiles closely and see what the person says about preferences. I like someone who has a well rounded personality so if their profile is really focused on one topic say athletics I am going to loose interest eventually even if I do enjoy watching several sports. I would be wasteing that persons time and my own.
Do you have many personal habits? Guys who like to drink, smoke, swear, gamble, use status symbols usually limit their field of opportunities. You used the "f" word and that may be fine with the guys it isn't going to fly around most parents.
Last be really careful trying to be funny or sexy. It often doesn't translate or sound as inviteing in print.
Some folks are sensitive about questions about their job but it doesn't hurt to make reference to an interesting aspect of your daily work life.
And a hobby or something you enjoyed as part of your homelife such as bbq-ing or finding a great accesory for your home. The trick is revealing something the other person can respond to. Questions should be general and not answerable with yes or no. Good luck.

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