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Silver Wings

I love to travel, but since I am single I have no one to go with and I'm thinking about going somewhere on my own.

Anyone here taken a trip by yourself? Any good or bad experiences?

Ironically I work in the travel industry as an agent. I just have not worked up the Courage to go somewhere by myself.

Reaching out for some positive vibes Big Grin

Sammy Rang

I have travelled alone, and loved it! I second the recommendation of staying in hostels instead of hotels. You will meet lots of other solo travellers in hostels.

The only bad experience I had was in one hostel where a guy tried to steal money from me, but the hostel evicted him, and refunded my money. You have to be smart about hostels. Don't wear expensive clothes, don't carry a lot of cash, (don't talk about any expensive items you may have bought) and use a money belt at all times.

You do have to be comfortable sleeping in co-ed dorm rooms, but if not, there are still some hostels that offer single person rooms for a higher charge. Hostels can be noisy, so take earplugs, and do your research before booking each hostel.

Hostelling International has a web site that rates each place, and books like Lonely Planet are also a great source of information. Otherwise, the best thing to do when travelling alone is to spend a few days in each city, and book yourself onto some day trips or guided walking tours. You will always meet other friendly tourists on bus tours, and it's a cheap way to get to sites you wouldn't be able to without a car.


Since you work in the travel industry you should be able to find some escorted tours you could go on. That way you will be with a group of people and most likely find some to actually hang out with. AND you don't have to plan every little excursion yourself. AND you don't have to worry about being in a foreign country all alone, or speaking the language... which is a concern for language challenged people such as myself.

Another option I've checked into are volunteer/mission vacations. Same deal, you are with a group of people with common interests.

Either way, get out there! That's the best thing about being in the travel industry ... do it while you can.


I just returned from a solo 2 wk vacation in Hawaii. I used a travel agent to book flights (from home and return, and inter island) and car rentals. I used Airbnb to find my own accommodation. Much cheaper than resorts and my goal was to see the sights and take some tours so I didn't really need a fancy resort with pool as their are too many beaches to enjoy!

I made sure my accommodations had full kitchen so I could prepare some meals if I wanted, and laundry facilities so I could pack less and just wash and go! No problems at all... had a blast and this was my very first time travelling in this manner and I will definitely do it again.

So go for it!

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