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Mr J Cash

Thanks again Alison.

Alison... (rubbing my chin) A brand new moderator? And your first post is in the POF Closed the Forums thread.... A moderator named Alison.... (again, rubbing my chin) I wonder???

~ J $ ~

Mr J Cash

First,I noticed the spelling difference right away. Second, I noticed that this moderator lists her location as New York city and Miss A lives in London Ontario. And last, despite my saying this moderator is brand new, this moderators registration date is listed as 12-1/2 years ago.

I was just stirring the pot. Just putting bate out for the conspiracist types. And you were the first to take a taste! No surprise.

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I am not interested in engaging w/ socks... Mr. Green

And...your audience is gone Big Grin Big Grin

Like myself, I am sure a few stragglers peek in once every other week, but other than that, your platform has been yanked out from under you... Cry

Busy prepping for yet another 2 week travel, a real trip, not a trip to Fantasy Island Tired


PS- it's "bait, not bate"

Of course I'm no conspiracist, I mentioned the 1 L vs the 2 Ls

Nice try though at back pedaling

Don't you have some pix to photoshop, or ppl to dox? Question Evil Twisted Question



BA, why on here are you the same personality you were on the POF forums over the years...and why do you think it is okay to invade the privacy of Ms. Allison....better yet, how did you find that video?. Are you that obsessive that you search the internet for things you can try to embarrass people with, like you did with your Hitler spoof? You really are an insecure woman...always telling us how real you are vs. all of the other women on the POF forums. Maybe the blonde wigs you wear and all of the others as you disguised your identity on POF are some sort of indication of the way your mind works......

Well here you can maintain your profile I guess...but the ugliness still comes through.

Blonde Angle

Dont mind me.
I'm an obtuse angle.

Miss Allison


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Big Grin Hi, Miss Allison!

I've been on vacation and just got back. I see I've been missing out on all the fun. I've been working on my new avatar. How do you like it?

Miss Allison

whatever happened to your hair. you looking like you're balding too. Ekkkk! Wink

anyway I'm not sticking around. I just heard what the queen of doxing was up to and had to take a peak for myself. I found this thread rather hilarious yet sad at the same time. I'm also pretty disgusted to see the trash people are saying about kj.

but clearly some people never change.
it's sad to see women make up crap about people because their lack of self esteem doesnt allow them to cope not being the center of attention 24/7.

pof was big enough for everyone
there was no need for people to get jealous about other women getting attention

the kicker of it is I know for a fact who the real owners of puppet accounts were. I didnt have to guess.... pof mod tools allowed me to see the facts.

in closing I dont know if I find it sad or funny to hear people are still talking about me. I think it's been 5+ years since I left.

honestly walking away was the healthiest thing I've ever done for myself.

clearly others need to do the same thing.


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Oh, Miss A, I'm not really balding. I was getting tired of my long, thick curly hair, so I put on a wig cap and put on a shiny, synthetic straight blonde wig. Unfortunately, it slipped back a little. My neon blue eyeshadow, overplucked brows, and down-turned heavy black eyeliner does draw attention to my eyes, though, don't you think?

And yes, I agree that the things said about kj were not nice, and were untrue---brought about by jealousy, no doubt.


You are a legend Ms Allison. You brought new meaning to the term timeout.

By the way, Ms. KJ was the only person who stood up for me early on when the women possees had it in for me. Unfortunately, trump and politics has brought a huge division between people.

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