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Are Dating Sites Sexist?

Due Diligence

Are dating sites sexist? My answer is yes!

More and more sites are skewing towards women. They claim that women have an unfair advantage. I cry BS. Women seem to be hung up on height. More times than not I have seen a post that says, "I like to wear high heels so you better be X tall. Or, must be 6'0" or taller." Well first off less than 10% of men are 6'0" feet or taller. It is a very specific requirement. Not like build or weight where women can post Athletic, average, curvy, etc....why dont they put weight as feature? Do you see any guy say women must be 135 lbs or less? No, because we arent that shallow or stupid to limit our choices.

Please show me one well known dating site that is not biased toward women....they claim they want equality, but only when its in their favor.


Just as women are entitled to ask for what they want so are men! There's no 'bias' on the part of the dating site itself. If you as a man, want a slim woman (for example) then you can ask for that on your profile. Instead of whining about 'sexism' just understand that people ( men and women) are perfectly entitled to state what they desire in a future mate.

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