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Fling Site Fool Scammed

John the Fool

As the OLD time saying goes and never so true as in this NEW time:
- A fool and his money are soon parted
An Yuppppp, I got parted..... But fighting back....

What a fool to join Fling, what a scam. Withing literally one day I cancelled, and they made that a ridiculous effort too. I tried it via their site and you need to constantly look up in the upper right hand corner of the windows, small link to continue, otherwise the larger link on the bottom bounces you right back into the site as if you did not try and cancel, so call the 800.

Literally within seconds of joining Fling, all these women wanted to chat and have a Web Cam session, the other half magically wanted my cell phone number(That this fool did not give out, score 1 for the fool). DO NOT GIVE OUT UR CELL# to any of those little darlings, that is a scam all onto itself.. be warned.
exchange correspondence through throw away email account tied to you phone until you actually do meet them and hookup, etc.

For those of you who also got scammed, you need to get them to cancel, you'll get a cancellation email, that's now a legal document. Then if they do not want to give you your money back, prorated of course, fair is fair, if you on for one day, week, month, etc, then you pay only that for that duration. If you get grief from them about at lease a partial refund, then initiate a dispute on your CC as "Misleading Services". Then have the Issuing Bank give you a brand new card. You can also tell the Bank not to allow them to bill you anymore. Believe me, the Banks are well aware that these sites are what's considered High Risk.

Beware, when you call up the 800 number to cancel, I got disconnected about 4 times, someone said hello this is customer service then disconnected, I waited about 3 minuted, re-dialed and finally got someone. It was not a pleasant conversation, but I made my point, and you need to SPELL OUT that you want EVERYTHING cancelled, they'll play games otherwise.

Good Luck.

due dilligance

due diligence as theres tons of feedback on this site .mostly all bad on the net

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