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Online dating should have cleaned up it’s act years ago. There is NO excuse for this dating crap...


I have posted several times under a different name. I completely left on line dating in 2012. I simply got sick of over demanding women who bring nothing to the dating table.

But I have occasionally looked at the forums on this site because it seems to be have most honest dating forums.

You don’t have power mad moderators like on Plenty of Fish.

And people post what seem to be honest reports of their on line dating results ( which most are negative).

We now live in the most politically correct age in my 62 years.

And the chance of meeting someone is virtually out of the question through traditional ways.

On line dating has had decades to clean up their act and balance revenue and really hooking people up for whatever relationship they seek be it casual or marriage.

But I read these new comments and they sound exactly the same as when I put my heart and soul into meeting a good, reasonably attractive woman that didn’t bring a huge amount of drama.

Pretty simple requests.

But I tried for about 7 years until I had to throw in the towel on any type of dating.

When I first started going on blind dates, I used print personal ads in a weekly alternative newspaper with great results.

Unfortunately, this paper no longer offers this.

So I spent 7 years writing every conceivable profile and posting current photos of my self.

I tried both free and paid sites and both types yielded no real results.

Someone must regulate these dating sites for truth and results and close the bad sites to where the owner of the site can’t just pop out another scam site.

These dating site owners are playing with people’s deep romantic emotions. And for those legitimately looking for love, unfortunately, online dating is getting to be the only way to meet someone.


the above is the same for me for blind dates used to work good for me then it all became a poisoned waterhole of fraud and total waste of time..craigslist should have been good for dates but it too was taken over 99% by fraudsters from nigeria and russia


its like someone with his fingers in the holes of the dyke .as soon as he plugs one hole another pops up and he could never plug all the holes as too many holes in the dyke


they rely on fakes and scammers to keep the cash rolling in from mugs chasing ghost profiles why would they clean them up?

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