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I think is a scam

Racer Dave

I joined about a month ago and there were just hundreds of profiles to choose from. If you sent an email over their website, you always got a response promising when there was chemestry, we would meet. At a dollar a email, limited to 560 characters including spaces, it got pretty spendy quickly. Based on what I've seen on other sites, alot of recycled pictures. I don't have tintype photo recognition software, but I'm betting every one of the profiles have been hijacked. I wanted the subjects of give me a picture of themselves at a place they frequent or is a public place that could be identified as to where the picture was taken. No one would. Excuses were, I don't want people know where I shop, I'm uncertain about us, ext. What I found interesting is you can read what is written to you could keep track of what was said, also it allows a different person to see what is written and respond in kind. I think it's a scam


So far i feel the same way. Not only do the responses seem automated and very similar (please can we stay on this site, are you going to bed yet, etc.) they give me the impression that they may all be agents for the site itself - hired to keep us buying messages as long as possible. I've been in contact with half a dozen people, paid over 100 bucks and met none of them face to face. I think it's a scam. Besides, if it's called WantSexTonight, why would any legitimate poster NOT want to meet immediately ?


ALL of these 'adult' dating sites with names like this are scams. The companies that own these kind of sites employ women to answer messages. A friend of mine does this job - she gets paid per message she sends. This is why when you give your phone number to a woman she makes an excuse why she can't call you, or if you ask to meet for a coffee (after chatting for months on end) that she's 'busy' or 'needs more time' etc etc. Wise up, gents!


I bought their credits before I checked out the company. I wont make that mistake again. Luckily I didnt lose but $30.

I was perusing the pictures/profiles when I came across two pictures I recognized. I contacted both women personally (off site) and they both denied having a profile on this site. I then did some investigating and found that the towns/citys that are listed with these profiles are listed as close to me/you but they actually are not. Such as Ephrata which would be Pennsylvania for me, on the website shows a map of Ephrata, Washington. Lititz which should be Pa shows a map of Oregon. Stevens, Pa comes up on their map as Stevens, New York.
You don't see this until after you message the profile/person.

The women I know are filing a complaint with the FBI as I am. I don't expect to get my money back because the website owners have made it difficult to trace the ownership through 3 European countries but hopefully it can be shut down.


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