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You had asked why Ghana the reason is they are no jobs for the young people that get out of school and the ones who do not finish school so they have huge warehouse is full of computers and they do these sweethearts games they go on the Internet looking for single men and also single women who are older and lonely if you can believe it or not some women have been taken for over $90,000 because the scammers would actually send them flowers and profess their love to these women then they would say they were stuck in the orient and needed expense money to live until they can clear their paperwork to get out look it up on the Internet a woman from Australia had spent over 90 grand and the thing was they were using a Colonels picture from the Air Force but finally they had got a crew together it was kind of like the show in America called to catch a Predator well they got together and the woman said she had 25 grand for the guy they had under cover out in the streets and police in the hotel the guy had sent a courier so they would not give the courier the money they followed the courier and then the courier led them to the scammer and six others instead of being a white colonel in the Air Force it was six black men who were the scammers and the ringleader had 80 people in his phone that he was scamming I have really learned a lot then I saw a clip with the president of Ghana asking the young people not to do this but it is so lucrative that more people are doing it instead of less it went from 100,000 reported scams two years ago to 11 million last year I have been doing some reading and investigating since I have been scammed I haven’t been scammed for much 20 bucks it’s actually like paying for an education before I really fall for the girl because she was so So hot I hope this helped in someway my name is Frank you will see my posts

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