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I too have been talking to women from Ghana. Some sends nudes. I have asked for a particular pose from them holding out 2 fingers all but one one couldn't produce. The one that produced I have been talking to her for a month. She called me on Hangout video but couldn't hear her. Also called on Facebook but again couldn't hear her. I was waving but she didn't wave back. She also said she loves me and she didn't want money. Until a few days ago.Does anyone want to share any of the photos of the women ? I have caught two or three by finding the women's photos they were sending on Porn Pics.

I am J in the post above. Yes it is scam. My girls name was Florence Love the pics she sent were an exotic white girl. Like a young angina jolie. I ask her to write my name on a piece of paper and hold it too your face and take a selfie. That's when I never heard from them again. So the birthday, stream video no mic and bandwidth issues, dead father or mother, nurse about to graduate, asking for no money, calling you and saying 'my dear', not using the letter I instead they say 'am' I is understood I guess. That the pattern. I would make all online dating sites have them record a video saying your name and sending it to you. My dominican chick called me up through whatsapp and we did a video call. It's the most satisfying thing to know that the person you are talking to is real. After a few days of chatting do it. SCAAAAMMMMM!!!!!!!!


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did these girls say that theyre living with their mum in Ghana because their dad passed away? I've talked to 3 women like this who have had the same story. It's really messing with me and making me wonder if this is a joke or not. Or even if it's a good site to be on.

wow that sounds exactly like my situation I even took a picture of this post and she said some girls are like that but she's not liked it but as funny everything is exactly the same I keep trying to get it out of her what does she want she claims are cameras right now what a beautiful girl she is I asked her why did she pick me she said she wanted a nice guy she's also a really good talking I would like to think she is real but I'm more than sure it's a scam


Girls asking to be friends on messenger started out to be friendly most of them claimed to be 30 years of age some say their boyfriends dump them in Africa some say they were going to do nursing show naked pictures then they ask for money saying they want to come home but they have no money 1 gal told me she had $1000000 there but couldn't get a hold of it it was in security lock up said it was going to cost money to get out of lockup wanted to borrow said she would pay me back


Same every time n hangouts from Ghana not any other place I'm sick of it every time they want something from u

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