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Safety Hookup ID / Safety Meet Up Badge for dating

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Tons of fake profiles willing to meet you, will ask you to have a "safety hookup ID".
A badge for online dating because they wish to feel safe.
They gonna tell you that it's totally free.
The Credit Card will provide your age and citizenship.
(a crap and a lie: CC never gives out such information) and are specialized in this kind of practice.
The girls will give you a link with an affiliate ID for your "verification".

Hope you know about affiliate, no need to discuss it here.
Once you clicked there YOU WILL BE BILLED for a membership, which is around $50.

If someone is telling you that, just hang up.Don't answer back and don't lose your time.
Here are some screenshots to get you the idea how they approach you.
All of them are coming from
Beware toxic dating sites

all bogus

east European fraudsters at work


weill i just went through which is totaly fake every girl on there wants you to do a fake hookup agreement. ...this is what i did to discover this take note and try it if you don't believe me for your credit cards sake and security

first off don't give out your location give them a fake location thousands of miles from you hourse and watch they will always come back wiht their location close to yours. your fake location pick it randomly.
then they will tell you all kinds of stuff like that they trust this hookup agreemet because they feel safe due to past rape experiences. just to lure you in. so now youknow that they are fakes because they are near your fake location picksome remote location that nobody would live near and you will see right away that it is fake cause they will be near it. and they will claim that is it for safty reasons that they need you to do this hookup id agreement. to feel safe for the above reasons. they will send you a picture of a really sexy girl to lure you in more probably not their picture and they are probably a guy. so use this ideas to route them out .

james haley

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