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Is Adult Friend Finder trustworthy?

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of course theyre all scams as they wont let you put your phone number in your profile and why is that ?because they dont want you to make a contact and leave their site as the cash flow would stop..
if you could put your phone number on your profiles you would find a partner pretty quickly and leave them behind and they would go bust ..just try it and it will be deleted or you will be banned !trust me i have tried to put phone number in my profile


its a scam full of fake profiles and when u copy and paste the abuse from people. the admin buse team will not reply

you can make dozens of fake profiles on there, like other people are doing

run for your life, yr money will be taken nd nothing will be done when u ask for help or try to stop being abused by th elow life scum on there

a man named still_looking_59 will abuse you daily and u cant stop him and admin wont do anything abt it


no the above profile is a fake and makes up lots of fake profile to fool people. He gets people banned if you react to the abuse he dishes out.

theres more fake profiles on this site than real profiles


NOPE!!! They trick you into signing up and becoming a gold member then you find it’s a scam and they refuse to send your money back huge scam everyone stay away.


I used a random credit card generator so that there is no way to set up a recurrent charge, I specify the exact amount and that is all that can be charged on the card no more, these are referred to as "Burner Cards" the app I use for this is anyway I would use these burners to refill points so I could leave instant messages it send flirts without paying for a gold membership. On two occasions with different AFF accounts the took my 6$ for 500 points and then immediately suspended my account making it so I could not login. They claim there computers detected fraudulent activity but they were just pissed cause they could not hit me with that 100$ yearly membership fee. I talked to customer service and they talk like they are working for Apple, "sir our billing department" and "we have escalated your complaint to be forwarded to our account specialist". They sound like they don't smell the *censored* they are shovelling. I am still waiting for my 12$ to be refunded to the burner card accounts. As for meeting real people, I think the swinger couples were real, you know the ones who wanted to meet other swingers or the guy just wanted to watch his girl get banged by a stranger. I think like 95 percent of the female profiles are fake even the ones that look real where the woman are very plain and average looking are fake, because the site knows that Pornstar type profiles will standout as take right away. Of the hundreds of profiles I sent instant messages only two got responses, one was a girl who was trying to drum up business for her webcam site. She would give general info about the city she claimed to be living in so as to make you think she was an actual resident, but I recall that when I looked up here webcam address it was registered to some guy in Europe. She would say how she was such a huge fan of whatever baseball team belonged to that city and do on. The other profile told me to contact her by email and I did, she responded by email gave me some info about herself without being too specific, felt like they were setting up some bigger type of scam and I was the mark, so I stopped emailing. So yes in my opinion it is a scam, the creators of the website are scammers and the users who are sometimes one in the same with the creators are also scammers.

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