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What are people's opinion on Zoosk?

Star Lord

I've tried some of the free dating sites, and some of the pay ones, but I actually didn't pay. I think I am at the point where I want to pay for a dating site but it has to be one that works. There is WAY to many issues and problems with the free sites. This includes the sites themselves and their members.

I have joined Zoosk but have yet to message anyone because of the pay wall. I am wondering how people feel about paying for Zoosk and how much they end up spending before finding someone?

al bogus

Original review: July 15, 2018

Zoosk is a scam dating site Ladies and Gents. Guys stay away from this site. They are thiefs. I get robbed. In the system there are no real people. No one is responding to your message because there is only fake pictures.


Original review: July 14, 2018

I signed up for Zoosk because it is rated as the top dating site. TOP apparently means most suckers. This is some of the worst software I have seen that is being sold as a working product. It does not work well. So far the worst is the Chat feature. Messaging would be better with a tin can and string. This is unacceptable. I want my money back! Messages get hacked up and strung out. It's a mess. No excuse for this. There is working, tested chat software available. Instead they pay 100 monkeys to create junk that has their name on it!
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Original review: July 5, 2018

Many profiles contained the same generic verbiage and it immediately became clear they were scripted and computer generated. Makes me wonder if most of the people on the site are real. The computer generated responses were based on my activity being monitored to see who I've attempted to contact. The amount of views again and again by the same people is unreal.

Took part in 'carousel' to help determine my 'type' a few times, kept getting basically same types to reject. Got bombarded with 'views' and 'matches' who were totally opposite to my search and filter criteria, advanced education, no smoking, or they resided 100+ miles away. Kept receiving the same pics/matches that I showed no interest in, over and over. Zoosk seemed to match me with profiles of females I would NOT date. Sent messages to persons that “viewed” my profile I was interested in, they never responded. As as a full account member you shouldn't have to pay extra 'coins' for additional privileges to see if response were even received. A waste of time and money. I chose this based on Google's rating of #1. Where did this rating come from? Definitely would not recommend it to anyone. Four days of fruitless and worthless results. I regret it.


I awaited for 6 months before a became a paying subscriber and held only the basic account membership that allowed only very limited actual communication. I decided to subscribe as the Zoosk service said I had over 80 letters in my mailbox that I could not access without becoming a paid subscriber. So I joined and paid the $120 fee just to look at the upon reviewing the messages I noticed that many of them contained the same generic verbiage and it immediately became clear that "messages" were computer generated messages. Not actual messages sent by Zoosk members.

I immediately called Zoosk and told them to cancel my membership and fully refund the money I paid. I explained that the messages weren't actual member messages but Zoosk computer generated message that are put in your mailbox to entice you to join and pay the exorbitant monthly subscription fee. Hence the fraud. In order to verify this, I wrote to a few of the members in response to the message that I received and they always confirmed that they never sent me a message.
So here's the way it works. If someone clicks on a smiley face Zoosk generates a text message to the non-member. Over time the number of messages grow and in my case was over 80 messages. The large number of unanswered messages entices the paying member to join to see the messages (computer generated).

Another shady process is presented to the paying member. I assume that the paying member is notified that non paying member is interested and if they want to communicate with them they will to pay an additional premium fee to do so. The whole process is to generate as much cash for the company.


The last time I used the Zoosk app was 6 months ago. That is were I found my last girlfriend. We hooked up the first night which should of been a bad signal to me as she turned out to be a total psycho. Funny thing at the time she was cheating on her previous boyfriend which I did not know at the time. She then ended up cheating on me but that was fine because at that point I had enough of her crazyness no matter how good looking she was.

I found on Zoosk most of the female profiles are inactive or fake and run by scammers. With the fake ones you will get automated responses after sending them a message. Sometimes it is difficult to tell at first because they do not appear to be fake. I wish Zoosk would do more to combat these scammer accounts. Maybe in the 6 months things have changed, then again I doubt it. Call me jaded. Rolling Eyes


If youre looking for a new mate youll never find her or him on this phony website. 1. Theres no way to screen for body type. 2. Theres no way to screen for race. 3. And youre not going to hear from anyone because the site is as phony as a 3 dollar bill!!! Yep, it's just another bogus dating site, meant to steal your money and give you one bogus picture after the other to look at. Save your money guys. Find a good bar with live music and stay away from this farce of a dating site.


I heard from others a while ago that Zoosk was full of dead accounts and phony profiles.

Lately though I was told that Zoosk had revamped themselves and it is much better.

I just created an account on their website and did up a profile. I have to wait until my next payday to subscribe to actually be able to communicate with some of the matches I found.

The friend I had who recommended I try Zoosk out said she did meet a number of new people and had some success over a few months. Said it was much better than OKC.

When I did create my account on Zoosk the one thing I notice which is good is I had verify my account via text message of Facebook. It looks like they are really cracking down on fake profiles which is good.


scammers are well able to create a fake fb page which then opens doors on legit sites to show them as genuine ..but theyre wolfs in sheeps clothing waiting to pounce on gullible punters


i checked it on trustpilot before handing over my details ..glad i did as theres too much bad feedback of the usual kind about ZOOSK.....scammers DEAD ACCOUNTS and dodgy billing and weeks and months of chasing your tail which leads nowhere to women in the street is a better idea and its free

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