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Why does height matter?

A Short Female

Maybe it has to do with personality. Why does a woman have to be shorter than a man? I'm short and have dated short and tall men. I went by the personality, not the height. A tall guy may not be any better a match for you, but yet you think you have to have one. Why is that?


Quote from: On:Tuesday, August 02 2005 @ 02:22 PM Eastern Daylight Time Height doesn't matter. It is the feeling that count. As long as the girl is only slightly taller. I think in this matter. This matter also struck in me. I am 5'5" guy. I have met a girl and we had have telephone calls and emails and we started to like each other, each feeling, sharing and caring. But once we had date and get known that she is 5'6". which is slighter taller than me. Despite loving her, i couldnot express my feelings to her and i was silent for 5 days. I dont know how she takes this 5 days, Then she writes me in this way: " yet not recovered from the shock, i know u got a great shock but i was mentally prepared as i already know your height" and she write " can't we be good friends". i can't understand her feeling nor i can express my feeling to we have very few calls and emails............i don't know how she takes, was also my weakness .........i was silent for 5 days..........but i still love her. from the bottom of my heart. .........and will be loving can i expree.......Its all about height matters" can anyone suggest how to takckle the condition to me. " height matters?" From what I understand, she already knew your this means you knew her height?! 5 days silence at the very beginning of a relationship is a death sentence...height did matter to you - or you would have contacted her earlier right? Height did matter to her, as she admits by writing "not yet recovered from the shock." Not one person on the face of this earth is perfect, and if 1" height difference is going to end an otherwise close relationship, I would say either you're going to be single for a long long time, or, the feelings were a phone infatuation, not love. Love takes time to grow - and spending time with that person, face to face to get to know them. Not just talking on the phone. You can't get a sense of who a person is over the phone - this is proof unfortunately. When you meet the right person, you'll see - height really doesn't matter! It's the feelings and and closeness of the relationship that does! I wish you all the best. Wink


I notice on dating sites, most women are looking for guys who are 5'10 and up. I am 5'4.


you need both love and sexual attraction. height is a sign on dominance and its sexually attractive in men. not to say that you can't date someone taller than you, there are other things that matter more (like your personality) but its definitely an advantage.


Well, brother Ben, if it makes you feel any better, I just happen to be 6'6", am built like a pro wrestler, and guess what? When you're this tall, you become not a "woman magnet", but rather a circus freak. I'm not kidding. It won't matter what I'm wearing, or where I happen to be, people will stare at me like I just stepped out of a flying saucer. E, Marziani! Take-a me to your leader!

Personally, I wish sometimes that I looked like that other Italian guy, Danny deVito. At least HE can buy suits "off the rack".


Height does matter a great deal to me when dating someone. I'm 5'11 and not a "petite little thing". I like a man that is as tall or taller than me because it makes me feel dainty. And frankly, everything lines up better. Wink

the Tin Man

Height DOES matter. I'm 6 foot 5, and I wish women would stop feeling intimidated by me... wouldn't it ever occur to them that I'm after all a human being with feelings? As for me, I'm not turned off by tall women... OTOH I'd rather date a woman who's a couple inches taller than I am, because women shorter than 5 foot 9 or so, seem child-sized next to me.


Height is one of those attraction aesthetic preferences and a personal lifestyle choice. Unfortunately for me, my preference runs counter to the mainstream. Frown I'm 5'9" and I like women who are my height or taller than me -- rare is the woman who likes a man shorter than her.


Height matters to women for a number of reasons that it does to men. Men don't want to be shorter because taller men are
valued more than shorter men in every segment of our society. The hero in the movies, the commericals, the billboards, the
magazines etc etc is not a shrimpy guy. Women grow up seeing this and want that tall, lean, handsome guy.

Most women just are not attracted to short men and certainly not if they are taller. Guys, women are VISUAL creatures.
Fool yourself into thinking otherwise all you want, but any woman who tells you she'd rather have a short guy than a taller
one is LIEING. And if she says 'looks don't matter'...she is LIEING. That said, can an average guy overcome his looks? Yes,
but only with a sincerely good personality. And you have to show it to a woman quickly or you're dead in the water if there
are better looking men around.

A freind of mine really dug a shorter guy once but simply could not get past his height the more serious the relationship became.
When they walked together hand in hand or arm in arm, she felt like she was walking a child around. I don't think women are
comftorable being in 'the protector' role with a man, and a shorter man makes them feel they can't be as relaxed or vunerable in
their company. There ARE exceptions of course, but this isn't about exceptions it's about the general rule.

Matchmaking Momma

Does height matter, does weight matter, I am bald, fat...I have heard it all. I have run an online dating service since 1998. In ten years i have heard it all. It all comes down to personal preference. My very first customer thought she would not meet anyone as she was short and a single Mom. You know she got more replies then all the rest of my customers. She posted a great photo with her children and she ended up with a single Dad. I personally like Men taller then me, and not skinny. Even if I saw an ad with a preference, I would still respond to it. Remember these are mostly guidelines...not written in stone.

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