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Due Diligence

Has anyone else noticed that the hardcore porn sites and scammers has exploded since Match bought them out? I counted over 139 hardcore, downright nasty porn promo's last Sunday night alone. The sight has basically become unusable. That isnt even counting the 20 somethings pretending to look for 40-50 somethings to steal their account info or money.

And if you report them enough you get an auto email from Marcus aka PoF stating youre spamming by using the same cut n paste....scammer profile porno promo for example because you report so many. And, your account will be deleted.


yep its pretty bad now i dont even bother with it ..fake profiles and dead accounts is the rule may get lucky if you send out 1000s of messages ..but it also depends on where you live in the world ..a few scammers on there too.. demanding divorcees with kids if theyre genuine are common on POF


as genuines tail off they fill in with fake profiles to make it look good..its all gone to sh i t i am afraid

Due Diligence

They dont need to fill in with Fakes...they dont delete old profiles. I saw one of a girl I had known. She had been dead for two years. As an engineer I know what they are and arent capable.

It would be very easy to write a batch file that would scrub inactive accounts of a set time limit and also to firewall or block out all these porn sites.

The scammers I would sucker in and send a key loader file and wipe their systems.

It has become a free for all ever since Match has taken over. There is obviously no active intervention on Match's part. So much so that in the case of the porn sites doubling as prostitution that I would say they are complicit.


POF send me mail every day saying i have matches but its BS as its just spam mail .not actually messages from females

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