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anastasiadate com is it any good?


i just received an invitation to use their app ..but is it of any use ?

and the same from asiandate com .they must be connected


looks like a scam

Overview is another site connected to,, and Since we've already done a few different reviews of dating sites from the same network we already have an an idea about what to expect with Anastasia Date. We still registered on the site and have a full review below for you to read. Some of the things that the review covers includes pricing, features and also if the site is legitimate or a scam.
We Received 35 Emails But Our Profile Is Empty

Why is it that we join these kind of sites that email are non stop? It's the same scenario over and over again. We register on a dating site and shortly thereafter emails start pouring in which never seem to stop. Even if we have an empty profile, no pictures in our profile it doesn't matter.

So what's actually going on?

Are we receiving real emails from legitimate Ukrainian women who are interested in getting to know us or is this all one big hoax? From our research you do interact with real women but from what we've read from other reviewers it seems as if you're interacting with women who are paid to reply and send you all types of communications from chat messages to emails. works on a credit-based system so we believe their intention is to get you to use as many credits as possible because then you will need to replenish your credits by purchasing more costing you more money and making the owners of the site a larger profit. Can we prove all of this,no. This is our opinion and many members who have purchase credits and bought memberships on Anastasia Date have talked about this. The women are real but they are employees paid to chat with you that is the bottom line.


To all the English guys that are trying to find a woman in Odessa through Be aware of this woman her name is Oleana and she is 40 years old her ID number 184 3834. On her profile she claims to speak immediate English but when I turn up to meet her she did not speak no English at all and had had an interpreter with her, she charges $20 an Hour. The interpreter is a friend of hers that can speak English. Oleana also stated that she was a self-employed stylist but I later found out she works in a boutique. She lives with her mum and dad apparently in a nine story block of flats in Odessa. When I first spoke to this lady she promised me the world and kept saying I want to meet you and I want to move to England to be with you, So I ventured out to Odessa firstly on a 10 day holiday but then cut it short by four days because of the lies she told me. She will take you shopping and expect you to buy her expensive clothes even to the effect of going to a Victoria Summers boutique stripping off and trying on bras and swimsuits in front of you, and then expect you to pay for the privilege. To call her bluff I asked to meet her mum which did happen. She will take you to an expensive restaurant eat caviar, muscles and the like and then expect you to pay for her and her interpreter. The café she normally takes people to is called selfie and it’s in the middle of Odessa. At one stage she asked me to buy her fur coat for 5000 dollars, stating that she would put $5000 in as well……I declined she then got the hump and we finished the date early by dropping me back to the hotel. Her normal patter is she will pick you up about one or 2 o’clock from the hotel that she’s recommended then go shopping or go for a meal and then she will drop you back at the hotel by six or 7 o’clock in evening. She will tell you that she wants to marry and move to England but then come up with some excuse that the town or the city where you live is too small and she will not know anybody or she won’t learn English. At this stage you know she’s used and abused you and then had enough of you. The best thing to do is say you’ve got no money and then that will end the relationship on her part. The second time I went out I tested her by booking into a really cheap hotel she then had a conversation with me to say that the hotel is rubbish and that I should book into a really expensive hotel the hotel was the same hotel where she had the photographs done of her by the pool and sat on the bed. So she defiantly p knows her way around Odessa and places to go especially when you’re paying. On the last day she picked me up and we were going to go for a walk but ended up going to a winery vineyard where she wanted me to buy some champagne she said for her mum. Gents be aware she will take you for every penny going and at the end blow you out. When I went out the second time I had $1000 in my wallet and pretended to have no cards on me we were going to go shopping and I told her I limited amount of money and she said well you can use your cards again this sent the warning signal. She will say she will sleep with you but that will never happen. She will pick you up in her car and drive around Odessa and then expect you to pay for the petrol as well as taking out for a meal for her and I interpreter friend she will not put a hand in a pocket to pay for anything. Luckily one night I went out by myself and met a genuine English-speaking woman who I am now going out to see again. This woman also stated that most of the girls on play the game. And usually have a couple of guys on the go at one time. So if you want to meet and eat Ukrainian woman then don’t bother with just go out there have a holiday and you will meet plenty of women who will come up to you in the hotel or go to Murphys bar and you will see them all there.


I recently tried the $2.99 package on 9-9-2019.
Today, 9-11-2019 my debit card was charged $15.99×3 times. I already sent them an email and I will follow up tomorrow by phone


AnastasiaDate is not 100% legit
I almost always right-click on images of the females on the site and select “Search Google for image.” By doing so, I discovered that one lady, named Antonina (ID: 2022373), is registered on two adult webcam sites! After my live complaint via the chat, they both removed my access to the site using the same browser (on the same computer) and permanently redirected this same browser to their sister site!

I nearly choked on the response I was given. AnastasiaDate Representative Viacheslav’s simple response was, “I went through your case and discovered that you found a lady on a cam website. Although we don’t prove when ladies use such platforms, due to our Anti-Scam policy, ladies can use any websites except for dating platforms as they are people with freedom of choice.”

Can I still trust this site? Can I still trust the people on it? Not anymore.

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