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Foreign gf’s dad died. Should I send money?

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I have a girlfriend from the Philippines that I met years ago during a romance tour. We’ve been together for quite some time now since we got together just a few months after we met. I immediately fell for her because of her good qualities. Behind her pretty face is a girl with good moral and character. What got to me most is her overwhelming love for her family.
She values her family so much that she even put her love life on hold for a long time. When we met, she was still in the early stages of finding love. I admire her determination of giving her family a better life. She said she wanted to provide for them the way their father used to before he got sick. I could see how much she loved her family.
I got a call from her recently and received the sad news of her father’s death. I knew he meant a lot to her. She said she has to stay off work for a few days to a week to deal with the arrangements of her dad’s funeral. It’s going to be a long period without getting paid and I know her family would need the money. I really feel bad for them especially her.
It got me thinking, should i send her money? What’s the custom in the Philippines when somebody dies? Is it okay to give money as a sort of help for her family? She’s never asked me money before. Even now she hasn’t asked anything.


Yeah of course you should, if you care about her that much then help her out.

Your desicion.

No she has a massive family. They dont need your money. Did you know they leave their dead people in the house to dry up for months.

Did you see all the scams talked about on here or not.

Why are you so attached to her like you owe her something. She and here 300family will take all your money if you want to let them.

Your decision to give her free money for no reason at all. Deal with the results you wait and see.

Your desicion.

How do I meet someone from there Rolling Eyes
I want to see how to talk to someone over there Surprised!

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It depends on you, maybe your presence is the best help. She needs sympathy and comfort from you.

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If I were you, I'd get her chocolates. That'll make her happy

Don't do it if she's diabetic though

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Personally, if you've been together for such a long time, then I think you should. But just keep in mind of cases where Southeast Asian Girlfriends like Thailand/PH/etc would use excuses like a family member passing on when they need money. So just be careful!

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