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How I traveled to Ukraine to meet women.


Recently began to actively practice tourism in Eastern Europe. I live in South America, so for me everything is especially exotic. Especially the ladies. For their sake, the trip was started. The first problem I encountered is the language. I do not know much English. But they do not know English at all. Therefore, the option of dating on the street is not available. There are only dating sites. There you can find interested women and with some even meet. Through the service MeetBrides I was able to meet with 4 women in two weeks. It was difficult, most of them got used to a long conversation before coming. But I was generally pleased with the response. Outwardly the women are beautiful. They really are what they describe. Feminine, lovely, modest, incredibly beautiful. Or they want to seem so. Feminism bypassed this country. Ukraine is a poor state with traditional values. And it's very good for tourists like me. Women are much easier to impress there ... and cheaper. I am pleased with the trip. I got what I wanted from this country. Although if you want to follow my example, my advice to you: will be as straightforward as possible. Tell the women what you want, hint about it, show the interest that you have. And take good care of yourself. This is the simplest and easiest way not to stay with broken hopes. Ukrainian women are cunning and expect from you the first step, the second, the third, all the steps.


Ekaterina contacted me on the loveme,com (A foreign Affair) about 21 months ago. We wrote letters to each other through several dating sites. She said she was a Christian and had strict morals and ethics. You cannot send money through the dating sites, but you can send gifts like perfume. She told me she dropped her bottle of perfume and it broke and needed a new one. We talked of marriage and I decided to see her in person in Odessa Ukraine. I had sent her gifts and had received photos of her getting the gift so I knew it was really her. She is a model so her photos are very prevalent on the internet. She is Lady111_1 on Instagram. She has an account on which is like Facebook in America. She won miss teen Ukraine at the age of 19 and was on several reality television programs in the Ukraine. While in the Ukraine her interpreter showed up at the hotel with Ekaterina in the passenger seat. They insisted on going out to eat at a restaurant so they took me to the Roasteria café and bar on Bunina Street. We all ate and the price should not have been more than 2000 hryvnias. The bill was 13,000! when I protested several men showed up blocking my way out. We were seated in the basement cove. Only one way in or out. I did not speak the language and was miles from the hotel and did not want to fight the other men so I had paid the bill plus another hundred in cash for interpreter services. That come to about $640 lost in 2 hours. After I got back at the hotel I found out from the others at the hotel that she had been doing this for about five years. In the summer months she is so busy that she does two men per day at the same restaurant. The Restaurant, the long. black, bushy haired interpreter, and Ekaterina are all equally guilty. I have warned several dating sites and her profile has been removed on some of them. On her latest profile on Charmdate she calls herself Katie (Profile ID: C193503) and list herself as living in Kiev. On the other sites she is in Odessa. I make low wages and it took me 18 months to save up for this trip and the money she took from was my food budget for the entire week I stayed in the Ukraine. I told them this at the restaurant and begged them not to do this to me and they laughed at me. When I left a review on TripAdvisor for the restaurant I found out that many men complain that they had been treated as I have. One guy lost $2,200! She still writes to me wanting a relationship and lots of money! This is my brief story. The email address I put down for her is not real. I do not know her real e-mail address, but had to put something down for the report to go through. I have always communicated with her through the dating sites. I can send you a picture or you can find one for yourself with little effort. On Bride-forever she is Ekaterina (ID: 55067). Thank you


from tripadvisor

Bill T
Reviewed 24 July 2019
Total Scam!!!

I went to this total scam place with two women I recently met on an online dating site. Menus were given and I trusted the women to order some drinks and food for us. I should have looked at the prices, but assumed they'd be reasonable. Now I find out Roasteria along with at least 20 other restaurants in Odessa uses two menus: one that is reasonable and the other for tourists that has prices many times higher. Women lure mostly Western men to these places and proceed to order as much food and drink as possible, running up a HUGE bill. Mine was $500!!! The women later return to the restaurant to be rewarded with a big commission, sometimes as much as 50% of the bill. The best prevention a man can use against this kind of abuse is not to go out to dine with women you hardly know with a bank card in your wallet. Take only enough cash to cover a very nice evening at normal prices. If the bill is a rip-off scam like Roasteria, you'll only spend the cash. But if you have your credit or debit card, they will demand that you pay the full amount since the exorbitant prices were on the "tourist" menu. I hope this review will cause all tourists, especially men being led into this money trap, to steer clear of Roasteria. They are thieves!!!

PS If you unfortunately get caught in such trap and have your bank card with you, before paying demand a bill with the name of the restaurant on the bill along with details of everything that was ordered, the prices, and the total. Tell the restaurant you know you are being overcharged and dispute the bill. If you still wind up using your card to pay, contact your card company immediately after and tell them you are contesting the charge. Chances are good the restaurant's normal prices will be on its website or facebook page. Having done all this you'll likely have the charge reversed.
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Date of visit: July 2019

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