Online Dating & Relationships Forums a scam?


well checked it out and never have i had so many emails lol and thats without a picture a scam site even after i closed my account down 3 days later still getting emails from woman :p sorry bots lol sent a lovery message that its now getting out of order as im no longer a member

Web detective

Having researched this site and interacted with the contact us option I have managed to unravel a little of how this site works. Think of it as a premium rate telephone number or babestation. The profiles are all manned by the company there are no real women here looking for dating. However if you wish to pay £1.50 per message the operators will send entertaining messages for you. I would say there are better entertainment messages available for this sort of cost if that is what you need.
Final word. This is not a dating site of any kind.


has anyone using this site actually met up with any of the women on this and actually had sex with them as it appears that as soon as you reply to their request to meet up and have sex together straight away as soon as you ask them for their address aor arrange to meet up they want to start chatting asking about what turns you on what you want to do to them details about you and never actually get to meet up and actually have sex, they also dont allow the exchange of phone numbers or e-mail address,s so you have to buy credits to talk to the women so clearly a scam?

use due diligance

it says they use fantasy profiles and you cant contact any profiles as its impossible

read the Ts and Cs


It's definitely a scam all the profiles say same thing just lets takplk a it longer on here and if you try to send details they are blocked so how would you arrange to meet even if they were genuine ifs nothing but fraud and they need locking up !

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Defo a scam. Fake profiles and communication. Lots of hot female profiles on this site. They are fake. I set up a few profiles, sometimes without a photograph. Almost instantly, supposed hot females were inviting me to have sex with them that afternoon or evening. No prompting and explicit sexual pictures are sent (dread to think where they get them from, probably no consent involved, disgusting). Basically gentleman (and ladies) avoid this site. I logged with my bank and online crime department my concerns before using my bank account card with this site. I suggested it was fraudulent and might create illegal transactions. So with their backing I went ahead and made a purchase for credits knowing it would be dodgy. My bank and online fraud department did not authorise any payments but were just curious to see what would happen. An investigation is now in progress.

So basically avoid this site at all costs. Really sad human beings run the site to cheat you out of your money, your time and your emotional well being.

Happy dating elsewhere. Hope this review helps.

M Ireland

Don't touch this site it is definitely a scam, I lost £7000 on talking to many women and never met a single person for a date so be warned and don't bother looking.

tigers breath

Based on the number of E Mails I'm receiving, around 40 per day, there must be a multitude of sexually frustrated ladies out there. However none of my messages seem to be getting through, perhaps it's because I'm not stupid enough to pay any money. Strange that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Definitely a SCAM, I placed a trick word to test on my profile and in well over 1000 messages not one picked it up. Avoid like the plaque !!!


You should not be Mug enough to sign up to this Scam site. Even had one girl Described herself as “ A Widower “ - you never get a direct contact. It’s all staged Until you run out of Money. Clever Scammers ☹️

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