Online Dating & Relationships Forums a scam?


It is definitely a scam thankfully I've never handed over any money, I've linked several of the profile pictures to the likes of Pinterest, Instagram, twitter and even some sites is Spanish etc.


Check this too taken from

"We use fantasy profiles to stimulate interaction and conversations among users.
All disputes are subject to mandatory mediation and mandatory arbitration in the Netherlands.
If you are concerned about how we are using your data, please refer to the Privacy Policy. It will tell you what you need to know.
We may change these terms on one or more occasions, but changes will not apply to ongoing disputes or to disputes arising out of events happening before the posted changes.
2.3 By accessing the Website, registering for an account, or purchasing credits or a gold membership, you state that the following facts are accurate:
(2.3.c) You acknowledge that some of the profiles on the Website are fictitious and they have been created only to exchange messages with users and therefore real-life meetings with these fictitious profiles are therefore not possible."

What a scam!


A total scam i am 73 and had messages from 450 ladies a good majority were drop dead gorgeous, that wanted to do all sorts of things with me. OH YEAH DREAM ON it will cost you an arm a leg and you will Nada


Hi Mate, yes this site is complete pants!! Anyone reading this - my opinion is: Don't go anywhere near it, it really is a COMPLETE SCAM!!!

I started talking to someone who sounded and looked like my 'perfect woman' (is there really someone out there that is the perfect match to me? Well, I don't think so and judging from the results of this website! Duuh!) Some of them can't even string a set of words together in an understandable sentence!!

Good Luck Mate in your quest and I hope that you find what you're looking for (If she has a good looking mate - let me know!)

Cheers, John

Nice having a chat.


1000% scam site. Had a good laugh twisting them around until they are too confused to do anything but stay well away fellas.


Total scam. Feel like a total numpty.


Wow, I;'m totally pissed with this site as I thought when I saw it, wow, finally a site which actually looks decent and real so I purchase credits and seek out some profles who i might actually want to meet and whooopee I'm getting responses real quick, like yeah, they just happened to be on site at that specific time or they just logged in to reply to me because I'm so hot (which i am) but that's not the point. Ok, so i receive a message saying yeah, Im so hot and horny, I want your xxxx inside me now, send me your number or address and I'll come round', so i'm like yeah ok, so I send my phone number and then get a reply saying 'but first I want to chat on this site for a while', total bs. I figured that maybe I just messaged the bloody bots which were on here so i'll try again and sure enough the same thing happens with all types of girls different ages! I don't know if there are actually any genuine women on there and maybe there are and also being scammed. Anyway, I've sent messages saying i'm going to take the owners of the site to court if I don't get my cash back and also I'm asking my bank to get the cashback anyway which they can do and I have a right to do so. Complete wankers and utter bs. It's like calling those numbers on the backpage of newspapers for £1.50 per minute, wow that suprised me aswell, £1.50 per message to the same person instead of £1.50 to have a full conversation with that person. this would drain people big time and I wish I had done my homework on the site before splashing out £30.


I've got this on my profile about me section and I'm still receiving messages:

So after discovering this site is a load of bs with girls wanting to chat on here instead of by phone, I've decided to just browse for a while.



I've made complaints to official bodies to get the people behind it investigated and the site taken down to stop others from being scammed.


Yes tried the site and all that has been said appears to be true. They just want you to use up your credits and buy more. Although I did read the reviews, I thought I'd just see for myself and it's true folks, so please avoid. There are better sites out there.


SCAMMERS!! Using stolen profiles from other dating sites!!

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