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Everything that everyone has said about this site is true, its one big scam girls say what you want to hear but when you ask them to meet you they don’t, they’ve always got a excuse not to even tho they ask you if you want to meet up first. The BIGGEST SCAM SITE EVER they just take all of your money like with a snap


total scam I received 2 different messages from same picture even wearing same bra and had the same background in it one was from greater London and 24 the other was 29 from Yorkshire and humber also had 2 different women send me identical messages and lots use terms like "down town" which is American phrase not used in uk,I also came across another site called local fling and it is exactly the same apart from the name,they are all registered to companies in the Seychelles so no doubt have very limited if any liability.....complete scam


I have heard about it from my friend, he said it was not bad so you can try but ay way if you want to find something realy worth you should try to searhc more.
Someone can say that it’s really wasting time and money but it’s only cause youve never find your ideal. I agree a lot of sites like DM or MR are really bad cause there are a lot of post about their fake women but there are also good like Merry Cherry or other, where i ve reall y met a girl so it’s just a luck to come where it’s better.

Date Doctor

Hello fellow dating website users. In short, YES!! Secondfling.com is a 100% scam. I have tried on numerous occasions to ask their webmaster, who is their CEO and under what name is their registered company. The only reply I ever get is "if you have any questions about using the service, I will be glad to help".

For a start, this website uses Verotel as their payments manager. This is like PayPal where you do not see the name of the bank account that takes your money.

There is no company name mentioned anywhere on Secondfling.com's website.

And lastly, and this is the big giveaway, in the three weeks that I have been on this site, with no profile picture, with no description, I have received 400 messages from women who all want to have sex with me

In the six years that I used FOURTEEN dating websites, I was lucky to get three messages a week. Also, if you read the girls' profiles, they are ALL 168 - 170 centimeters tall, none of them have piercings or tattoos, and only one in a hundred smoke. Most of the women are HOT. One thing I learned, attractive young women don't need to sell sex on a dating website.

This site is a complete scam.

Any advice you'd like about dating websites, I've got lots of experience and I'll gladly share it with you. All the best, fellas


Twisted It's a scam 100% i know cos i had different women asking me for me number wen i send it it doesn't go through eaving the gals saying its not come thro dafo a scam don't trust it full off crap


Yes it' scam site don't try to mesage any woman to get in touch be cause they never give you any information when you ask. And if you want convince your self try and you will receive mesages from this "ghost womans" just when you bought credits. When you finish all credits no more mesages nothing. IT'S A BIG BIG SCAM SITE!!!!

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