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Is there anyone else?


I feel stupid even getting on here and posting, but as I'm sitting here tonight, I feel more lonely than stupid. So I figured now would be the time to drum up my courage and post.

I'll be turning 24 this year. I've been a Christian for as long as I can remember, raised in the faith, and here recently, doing my best to strength my relationship with Christ. It's been tough. I know it's not an overnight journey, and I get discouraged...but I keep trying to press on. The problem is, I still feel lonely.

I'm almost 22 and I have never been on a date. I have never even truly had an offer by any male to even *go* on a date. Always I have watched others go on to school dances, go out on Saturday nights to movies. This year, I'm watching two girls that I grew up with (both my age) get married. And yet, I have never even truly been asked out.

I just want to know if I'm normal. Why has no one expressed interest in me? I may not be beautiful, but I believe I'm not ugly. And I don't believe my personality is too what is it?

Dr. Love

You sound like the quiet type to me. Go out and meet someone!!! You should try to meet people with similar interests. Join a bible study group or maybe take a class or two at night in something you are interested in (something fun like painting, book club etc..) and you will eventually meet someone. Just don't over analyze it to much.


why do i get the impression that being a christian is a bad thing? is it because you make it sound that way? anyway... go to a dating site for crying out loud and find yourself a date. go out there honey and meet new people!


where do you live?what are you looking for?send me an e-mail at maybe i will take you out if u want to


The world is no more for others. why to worry ? Just think you can. You may find some one like you, searching you . Go and meet him. One day will come , when you will give advice in this forum.


Playing hard-to-get doesn't work nowadays. If you think some guy is cute, break the rules a little and go and get him.

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