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advertising on TV in UK today but already lots of bad feedback on the usual fake profiles to lure guys in with their card details and *censored*


OurTime uses models to lure men in. I had a subscription with OurTime that I hardly ever use because there are no one of interest. One day I had 4 alerts on my email that someone is interested in me, so I clicked on the message and it took me into their site and showed me this beautiful lady. I was like wow she is beautiful so I responded and with that she was gone from the site and my subscription was renewed. It's a scam that Match.com use as well. Men and women stay away from these sites. They are using models and spyware to steal our hard earned money and don't care about us. That was the last $29.95 at that time and they left my account in the negative. They don't care so please don't use their sites. If you take some time and read these reviews you will see similar things have happened to others all over, let our money be the last ones that they steal. Don't use OurTime!


I signed up for the non-renewable one month service with this dating site. After a while it was clear that profiles were looking the same and they were not real. Made one contact that answered and it was some guy that just thought it was a site like Tinder. Just wanted a booty call. Other than that one connection the rest were fake and it was a huge waste of money.

I signed up for only one month but they charged me for 6 months. I canceled the same day but they refuse to refund my money. When I went to their website to look up their refund policy it says that page is unavailable.

I signed on as a paying member (Paying 2 months in advance), thinking that by making a financial investment vs being a non-paying customer, it would make for a more positive experience... especially in the event I might need support from the service reps on the site. I could not have been any more wrong... Customer "Non-service" is what it should be called. I paid for a 2-month membership. The site itself is not the most user-friendly, but I hung in there, figuring I would get more familiar & comfortable with it... and that things would get better. I did become more familiar with it before too long.

I will spare you the details of the initial challenges I had communicating with their "No service department" and go to the final deal-breaker for me. There were many up to that point, and I could hardly ever reach a live person to help me. Anytime I asked to speak with a supervisor, I was told that was not possible... Really??? By the way, I NEVER provided my personal email address or phone number to anyone I communicated with - EVER! At most, I provided my first name ONLY, and that was even only to a few men. One evening, with no advance warning from the company, I attempted to log in several times... With no success. It was if my profile had just disappeared. I called their number and found out that their customer service is not available after 7 pm. You cannot leave a message - You just have to keep calling. I also sent an email. It took several days to get a reply.

When I was finally able to reach someone (Never a return call from them, I just had to keep calling), I asked them why my account was unavailable. Could get no answer, other than that they had decided to remove it. I asked them why, and they refused to tell me. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told that was not an option. After calling back several times & trying repeatedly to reach a caring representative, I was told that someone had hacked into my profile and that was why it was removed. As I said before, no one felt it was necessary to inform me of that. They just removed the profile with no notice or explanation.

After numerous calls by ME (They never gave me the courtesy of a return call), I found ONE semi-caring representative (I was in tears by the time I spoke with him). He basically told me it was MY fault that my account was hacked and that it couldn't have been hacked unless someone had my personal email and login information. Well, I live alone, and I am the only one that uses my laptop - I told him NO ONE had access to either of those things. For all intents and purposes, they basically called me a liar... It was MY fault I got hacked. Besides the poor customer service I received at each and every turn, and after I was told my account had been terminated. Just a few days ago, I received yet another message from one of their members. When I forwarded them to the service department, I received a response assuring me that my profile was no longer visible and that it's not visible to any members on the site.


This is a scam. Don't waste your money. Profiles are fake. If you do not auto renew you will be flooded with views but look closely, they are simply profiles you've seen before and you may have rejected these individuals in person. Now with your not renewing these same rejected profiles are interested in you again. Fraud--Scam. Once they have credit card info it is nearly impossible to cancel. Had to cancel card and work with credit card company to block them. I believe many of the profiles are fake and most of the matches they send you are the wrong age and live several states away. Beware this is a terrible site and should be closed down. Write to the authorities as this site is horrible and is "stealing" money from people.

Lyngo kweed

I've never ran into any scam...all sites have people who dont belong there...Ashley Madison has 70 year old women looking for love of their life as well as the hot to trot women who know exactly what they want...but its expensive. FLING is a great site for dating, playing the field ...i never had anything but good to say about POF,FLING,ASHLEY MADISON(too expensive),of course no one bats a thousand and of course you have to sift through lots of members but what you want is out there,you have to be sort of a player to get anywhere...if you are looking for fun you talk to the members who are looking for fun . put your ego aside and dont try to see if you can score with some one who is loiking for LTR...maybe its you not the site...I'm 65, no complaints from the women !


after trying scamanalyze to check yourtime dot com on a number of occasions it says yourtime.com is unreachable for some reason,,,


Quote by: Anonymous

after trying scamanalyze to check yourtime dot com on a number of occasions it says yourtime.com is unreachable for some reason,,,

correction as to spelling error it says ....

Ourtime.com has Unsatisfactory Reputation
May not be Safe to Use
Updated May 4 2017

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