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Talking to an Ex Who Brings Up False Facts

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A month ago, a friend of mine had messaged me online, telling me they had some kittens that needed homes. Asking if I knew of anyone, I did know of one person my ex-Boyfriend. Who I went and messaged and received a response back, denying the kittens available.

Since then I did not hear back from my ex-Boyfriend until one day he messaged me again and we briefly chatted. During the end of our chat period, he asked me to take him back, give us a second chance but I turned him down.

He then went on to say "so i will take that a no to giving this a second go with us.... and i guess Joey was telling the truth that you kept messaging him about me... "

When I NEVER talked to his friend Joey at all. The only time I talked to his friend was when me and my ex were together at the time and I told him I talked to his friend once and that was it.

After my ex and I broke up, I didn't talk to my ex or his friend or anyone else he knew cutting ties with them. But my ex goes and says I am talking to his friend, and talking about him, when I clearly am not. It's like what why?

I don't get it. What do you think of this? Is my ex crazy paranoid? Thats what it looks like to me.

They are mean to you

Its like they are cats and your the mouse.
I would block those jerks forever.

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Don't mind what they are saying. It's not your problem anymore, as long as you know the truth. And, also, block button is a powerful key!

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Eliminate such negative people from your life

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