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deleted about a week ago,to try an change username an get rid of blocks,i have totally xhausted myself an tried different usernames an new emails,different browsers,this place is an utter shame an disgrace,also with the meanest women an judgemental people,but..some are good most are faultfingers an liars and false acusers,most wer glad to se me go, i can see an read all they do an say etc,a little trouble but i found a way,i do miss some ofthe rare good ones,mostly its people with careers,denis the menace adolescents..such a shame,but i have a feeling soon as i get back on,maybe i can help make it better..a place where people talk to each other nice,an go eat an do regular dating...instead of slander and multiple profiles and the meanest women on earth..there here,some dont needto be causthere gettin older,an only here for the ,,forums..to sit back an judge and block,an be critical..the madest i ever ben was at people on here,an the happiest i ever been was from a few on here,especially heather an laura an tara..the place needs lots of work,an to get rid of the demonics on here that just linger and arent interested in dating at all,but have no life bu t to judge and accuse others, i promise as i live an breathe,we all reap what we sow,an every dog an *censored* will have there day..but id rather see things go nice an have fun..and good happy dates an conversations etc..........may have to do a phone app to get on,what a damnable shameful mess this is,it should not be this way..............some here hate me,but i hate no one,just there simple and mean ways,an my memory is extremely fresh with the ones mean to me an lyin about me........i read an write an take notes an pics too........

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