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Elite Singles a big Scam


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I tested it for 24 hours and their system simply won't give you the choice of "cancellation."
They posted instructions for initial cancellation within 3 days. I followed and hit upon a system block which doesn't allow for any cancellation.
It is a scam.
I called my credit card bank anyway.

yep many sites make it IMPOSSIBLE to cancel in order to carry on scamming you


I was sent an Elite Singles Mid Season Special. It was something like 9.+ per month for 6 months. A real deal, right? Wrong. After I put in all my credit card information the page after asked for the same information again only this time they rejected my address, so I couldn't really sign up. I checked my bank account immediately and found they had charged it the full price of 59.70. I'm not even sure this is Elite Singles and they have no say to contact them except by some comment section and who knows if I'll ever hear from them. I'd not ever, ever do business with this scam group again!
CW. Spring Hill, Tennessee

Ripped off

I am new on the site but long enough to notice that it's a big scam! You get hundreds of winks but you get zero reply to your messages. You get tons of matches but then again none replied when you choose them. I am so frustrated i spent my money on this elite singles dating site.

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Not a member. Thank you all who warned potential clients of Elite Singles. You saved us from the stress and money invested on this site. I looked up their address. Perhaps a group of you can take a lawyer or moreover, bring it to the attention of the media. Their address:

EliteSingles LLC
874 Walker Rd. Ste C
Dover, Delaware 19904

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I found more information...... (hope this is helpful):

Elite Singles Corporate Office Address
Elite Singles, LLC
874 Walker Road,Suite C
Dover, Delaware 19904

Contact Elite Singles:
Phone Number: (800) 899-8648
Fax Number: (646) 760-2453

Elite Singles Executives
CEO: Jeronimo Folgueira


they all try on the debt collectors threat if you cancel you card so just ignore it as its not enforceable

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Thanks for let us know. I even didn't know about this.


I tried posting this in the review section of EliteSingles on the Google play store but for some magical reason (hahaha!) They never posted it, surprise, surprise!!!

SO...Full disclosure, I never actually used the service, i became interested after reading the hundred of reviews poor older ladies that didn't seem to realize...yet....that they were full boar involved in a scam. It is beyond horrible and made me feel truly sad for them, simply trying to find love and here these pieces of *censored* are ready to abuse you because they know you'll give it up if they promise you love.....IT...IS...DESPICABLE!!!!

So, here it is:
And remember, this was meant to be posted, and then read by the people on the Google Play Store Review Section for EliteSingles.
(so you understand the context)

And go:

"I hate to say this but I believe you all are being SCAMMED.

More accurately, this service (EliteSingles) is using techniques that are VERY commonly used by scammers. DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE, PAY FOR THIS SERVICE!

I have learned all of this by simply reading your reviews and your first hand experiences, and to tell the truth, the evidence is shocking.

Here are some of the things they do, that scammers very often apply:

1. They show you tons of potential matches in your area and if you sign up, you can meet any of the people they show you. HOWEVER, then you sign up and NONE of those people are there and in fact, your area might have VERY few people available to meet! A fact they knowingly hid from you.

2. They are VERY obviously bolstering their member content by enticing you with FAKE profiles. These people don't actually exists, they are invented, they are there to be the ideal person (in your age range) that you would most likely want to meet. THIS IS THE #1 TACTIC USED BY SCAMMERS!

3. They make it incredibly difficult to cancel/get a refund/or change your account. You see it OVER & OVER in the comment section, people are having a terribly hard time cancelling. This is a HUGE RED FLAG, a reputable & trustworthy company would NEVER do this. As they know that it would bite them in the ass afterwards, via word of mouth!

You have to PAY more and more for access that you thought you already paid for, scammer 101!!! You paid for a subscription...BUT NOW you have to pay to open messages people sent you?! This is a technique that has been used by internet scammers since the dawn of internet scamming haha it is the oldest trick in the book.

It's the old:
"OK, you are doing great! We wanna get you to the next level and we think you're ready!
In order to do that, we are going to need another installment of, $XXX.XX, to get you what you really need!"

5. This number is reserved for the countless other things that haven't yet been mentioned in the comments.
Let's put it this way:
"We have seen the smoke, now we know that there has to be a fire, we just haven't seen it yet!"
There is bound to be much, much more under the surface that needs to be investigated.

● So apart from the anger this instills in me, there is a bigger issue, and is the victims. The victims of this scam are the people we love most in this world, our Mothers/Fathers, Aunts/Uncles, and Grandparents. Who for one reason or another haven't found the right person yet and are looking for someone to share their life with, looking for someone to share their love with and maybe even FALL in love with!
They are purchasing this with the most innocent of reasons, they want to find love, at an age when they have their money, their job, their family but now they need someone to love again!

Scamming a person like that is downright DESPICABLE!!! Can you imagine your grandmother, in her house, trying to navigate the internet to find a nice older man spend her time with. She doesn't know the signs to look out for and this company is taking her for every red cent they can get their disgusting hands on. Yet there she is and she doesn't know what to do....she just wants a man to love again.

It makes me wanna scream, the level of depravity these people have!

So I downloaded this by accident while trying to download "Elite Music Pro".
However, then I started reading the reviews and MY GOD, I really do feel sorry for the poor people that have actually paid for this service.
I don't care if I never purchased the service, I can see when something is wrong and something is VERY wrong!

This information is VERY important and I thought you all should know this, BEFORE you purchase their service plan!

P.S. I encourage ALL of you who have been wronged and lied to, to report these scammers to the BBB!
(B.B.B. - Better Business Bureau)

I will forward everything I have found to the Internet Crimes Department.

However, it will take YOU, ON YOUR END, actually reporting it as well! What's happening here is wrong and we can change that!

I'm so sorry that so many of you have fallen victim, let's change that!!!

(Now they might not let this comment through, so I have copied and pasted it and will post it on the various different spots that it needs to be. Plus I have screen shotted your comments as well! So don't fear, the evidence is there!"


BTW, I know that was a lot.
But if it struck a chord with anyone and anyone wants to take action on these people I will help you, I think you ABSOLUTELY have a case, legally speaking. Especially with the fake profile aspect of it, they are absolutely, without a doubt, unequivocally guilty of creating fake accounts to lure customers in before leaving them high and dry.
In a desert of no profiles, and people way outside their age range, and physical geographical area! They outright LIED and therefore, you absolutely have a case!

If you can get 50-100 to sign on to a petition to sue these bastards, you can easily find a civil damages lawyer to take it on pro-bono, and ruin these bastards!!!

By the way, a HELL of a lot more people that just 50-100 were tricked by these scam artists.

Their google play store says the app has over:


So, Put that into perspective for a moment, just HOW MANY victims are likely out there! It is staggering!!!!!!!


Follow this link, this is where we need to get everyone to go and find the section the best fits their situation.

I think the:


Will be a very good place to start. By requiring people to "Pay to open messages" from prospective matches is absolutely wrong!!! You have already paid for a membership and then they hold your message hostage unless you pay.

They know that you can never make a match and that you can never find the love you want unless you open and read those messages...then replay to them and start a dialogue.

They are holding your messages hostage and will not release them unless you pay.

That is THE DEFINITION of Internet Extortion!!!

Oldest trick in the book, and they need to pay for this *censored*!!!

So this is a real good place to start!

So follow this link below and fill out the one that best applies to your situation, or even more than one! The more the better and we can get this tolling, for sure!

Either click on the link, or copy and then past it into your browser. It is the link for the:


The FBI's Internet Crime Division...

Good luck everyone, nobody deserves this, especially when they are looking for love!!!

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