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Elite Singles a big Scam

Due Diligence

Great Report.

I think it should be required by law that you have a working phone number, email address, and mailing address if you are allowed to charge money over the internet.

This wouldnt stop all these scum scammers, but it would help minimize it.

I frequently turn over info to the Attorney General of the state they are operating out of for fraud as they are required to investigate complaints filed with them.


they just move offshore so theyre out of reach of the law


Complete scam. Auto-renewal without any notice. Took £149 from my account as an auto renewal despite me writing to them that my circumstances had changes and did not want to renew. Completely disappointed.

Kevin Morgan

A compete scam with autorenewal - do not join EliteSingles! Note on trustpilot reviews gets 1/10 (compared to almost 7/10 for eharmony.

I joined EliteSingles hoping it would be selective enough for the type of partner I was looking for, but I found I was sent far too many matches that were not really that close to the parameters I set, and this appears to be a complaint for quite a few that joined EliteSingles.
I decided I would portably not apply for another subscription to keep account open when my 6 month subscription came to an end. But found I was tied, unknowingly, into an auto-renewal scheme. This is a well-hidden auto-renewal scam that is difficult to get out, and, in my view, a real con. In April 2018 I booked what was clear on the joining page – a 6 month subscription.
• There was nothing upfront and obvious to alert me that it was a continual membership on auto-renewal and not a 6 month subscription.
• Details were hidden deep in the small print of term conditions that most do not read.
• There were no reminders towards the end of my subscription that auto-renewal would be coming up should I wish continue (and, indeed, the choices for membership type for those who wished to continue) or to cancel.
Furthermore, auto-renewal tried to put me from the basic membership up to premiership and a payment of over £209 – a change I never agreed to! Luckily my bank alerted me to the suspect payment and I had it cancelled and blocked.
EliteSingles then contacted me by email - for the first time in regard to the membership - still asking for the payment. I explained I knew nothing about the auto-renewal and, since I had the authorized my bank to cancel the suspect payment after they alerted me, for EliteSingles to cancel my membership. Elite would not do this, stating I should have cancelled auto-renewal, and in at least 7 days in advance.
This a real scandal that I am contacting BBCwatchdog about. After all, after being contacted by the bank I immediately had the payment blocked when Elite tried to take out of my bank account - and surely most decent contracts should have a cooling off period after payment/agreement, to cancel if they wish. If EliteSingles was as good as it states in its promotions most would have found someone within 6 months – so why would most want to renew anyway? And for those that found someone and did not wish to continue, how many actually knew about the auto-renewal and the need to cancel 7 days in advance of the subscription ending!
I must thank my bank (Santander) to alerting me to the suspect payment. From reviews on the internet it looks like quite a few have been less lucky, with the payment going through for an auto-renewal they knew nothing about, and not being able to get the money back.
Rather than cancelling my renewal, when I cancelled the payment, as I requested, EliteSingles did not cancel, but blocked full access to any potential matches, until I paid, threatening me with a collection agency and legal action - for a renewal and suspect payment that I had cancelled immediately when contacted by my bank.
It has really annoyed and frustrated me for what is meant to be a social website bringing people together - and the auto-renewal scam also made me think of those less lucky than me. Those with little money to spare that joined EliteSingles to looking love after going through a painful separation or divorce, to have money basically stolen from them, and with an unhelpful and immoral approach from EliteSingles.
Looking at reviews on the internet, gives EliteSingles 2/10 in contrast to that gets almost 7/10. And when you look at the scores on trustpilot in more detail, and you take way those few that gave a high score for finding a partner, most others scored 1 with many of those wishing they could have put down a zero. The main reasons:
• Unsuitable matches.
• The hidden and immoral auto-renewal that is difficult to get out of.
• An auto-renewal that has to be cancelled at least 7 days before the initial subscription ends.
• A complete lack of understanding from EliteSingles.
I am waiting to see what happens for me (correspondence from EliteSingles has suddenly stopped) after I was lucky enough to cancel the auto-renewal payment when my bank alerted me to (correctly) a suspicious payment. I am hoping they have done the right thing.
That I was unaware of the auto-renewal and since I immediately stopped any payment going out of my account, to accept it meant I did not agree to any renewal after the 6 month subscription came to an end, and to terminate my membership, with no further requests for payment for an auto-renewal I never wanted or was aware of. I have also closed the account online with EliteSingles.

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