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This site is a total scam, I am 62 & the number of girls who like an old guy, they say we will meet when I sort my schedule out , I want to know you on hear first, I sent them my email but they only want to chat on line, they have said that they in my city, so I ask them to tell me a couple of thing about this city, they couldn't answer.
a lot have ask if I like to shag them without rubbers, I tried to put my email on my profile but they delete it
I change city, one lady who lived near me also lived near me in my new city, if you don't answer when they message you, they send another asking why I ignoring them, if they where buying credits they wouldn't,
I have been messaged by ladies over 4 hour drive away & ladies from Northern Island,
they just want to keep you on this site, the price quoted for credits are always less than what comes out of the bank, plus a non Stirling fee


Hi am Patrick av been reading other messages from other users who have also be conned I agree with you guys am disgusted angry hurt in the pocket av found out with shag city to be a big conne a fake profiles women lieing a getting paid to lie the reason way I join like many man I was looking for love a good women to settle down with a maybe have a family one day a get married am disgusted angry hurt I spent a lot of money the mount I spent I could have brought myself a top car at least I could be driving it I can't say the same about a women or going on a date because she is lieing a getting payed to lie so in this day age where you can get lock up for any thing thoses days so I ask how come no one is bring these sites apps to justice how come they can get away with it can someone answer that question I want these people women a men brought to justice a close them down a many more sites that a fake the is loads of sites conneing people out of the hard earned money being them to justice I ask !


The names should give it away also. I've lived in Scotland for 41 years (since birth) and never met anyone called Greta, Hilda, Wilona or Ingrid. Now while I know that these are genuine names they are just not the type of names that a parent would have named a Scottish child 20 odd years ago.

Also I've put in my profile in the past "Not interested in chatting to or receiving messages from anyone more than 10 miles from my location (which is in my profile) yet I get messages from (supposedly) Northern Ireland like yeah my car can drive through the Irish Sea so I can just pop over in 10 minutes as per your request.

Then thee is the way all of a sudden I get 20 messages in a row all from Asian women (Chinese or somewhere close).

Fortunately I was one of the lucky ones that didn't loose money on this site as I'm not willing to pay £1.50 per message but if they want to keep sending me pictures of lady's with nice boobs and the like I'm not going to stop them!😂



I knew this site was a scam when I got an email from Carol Vordermann, I wrote to the admin and they said they couldn't control who created the profiles. I wrote loads of times asking them to come clean and admit it's a scam site, eventually they said that they send 'Entertainment emails' so customers could experience everything the site had to offer. The grammar is mostly wrong, they must use google translate from Dutch to English. I always got come to my villa, believe me there's no villa's in my town or apartments, we call them flats, we don't live nearby a city, we live nearby the school or the train station. All the women are always online 24/7, all the messages are nearly 10 mins apart. I've had over 4000 now and not one gives out their email address to speak easily or their number or the name of a local pub to meet for a chat. Avoid like the plague lads

Girl that work for site

That site is a scam! And I know a girl in Jamaica who work for them.

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I realized this site was a trick when I got an email from Carol Vordermann, I wrote to the administrator and they said they couldn't control who made the profiles. I composed heaps of times requesting that they tell the truth and let it be known's a trick site, inevitably they said that they send 'Amusement messages' so clients could encounter everything the site brought to the table. The language structure is for the most part wrong, they should utilize google make an interpretation of from Dutch to English. I generally got go to my manor, trust me there's no estate's in my town or lofts, we call them pads, we don't live adjacent a city, we live close-by the school or the train station. Every one of the ladies are constantly online day in and day out, every one of the messages are about 10 mins separated. I've had more than 4000 now and not one gives out their email address to talk effectively or their number or the name of a nearby bar to meet for a visit. Keep away from at all costs fellows


sick is a scam
I agree with all the other people on here saying that is crap. It is a scam. The number of interested women messaging you is just totally unrealistic. Their only purpose is to get you to buy credits and message these fake women back.

from the hood

hi everyone..
the biggest earner in shag city,is without a doubt,,HornyH [ heather ]she has no less than 16 fake profiles all of which i can name,,i cottoned on to this very early on when i joined,,and to be honest for me i had no visions of
getting with anyone,,actually i enjoyed the nonsense these slags came up with,,anyway i thought okay,lets take this a step further,,i complained to their help line,,i explained to them that i was the member being conned by a person with multitude profiles,and named her,,their reply was to give them evidence and they would deactivate the persons account,,so i gave them her name,and that i also knew she worked for shag city,,they replied no such person on their books haha,,so i gave them undenying proof of her and her profiles,,and i intentended to take her and the company for fraud taking money illegally,,and i would also inform the police and give them all the picture evidence and e mail evidence,,they will need,,i recieved a message back from them,,due to my lack of evidence haha,,they were unable to proceed with anything,,and because of my slur on the company ,,my account would be deactivated,,hahaha can you believe it,,guys if you need a bit of loving .do not use this site its 100% fake ,,
from the hood,,


dont you guys check on trustpilot about this site before parting with your money ?its all bad feedback
and should make you aware its a con

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