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This site is awesome I met like 5 women super fast and they were fantastic and up for meeting right away. I am kind of a horn dog and slept with all of them but it as an experience I will never forget .

Whistle Blower

Shag city is a scam I use to work for them and was told to send fake messages to males & females, this site should be shut down, fake pricks


This site is great. I met my girlfriend on here and we have spent the most wonderful 5 nights of our lives together, thank you shagcity.


Avoid this site!! Its a total scam guys. They stole my profile from other dating site.


Fortunetly i read this topic before invest anything in this site. Curious thing is if you download a picture of any good looking girl on this site and compare on tineye you will find out many of pictures are used on sites from other continentes. So be aware what you buy.

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It is all pretty much said in the original message in this thread and the replies that follow it. Can confirm that the profiles on there are fake. Original messages sent out are trigger messages and are the repeated crap you see. All messages you receive after you first reply are from an actual person but it is not the person you think you are talking to. There is a big chance that you are actually talking to a male too. You will never meet anyone on there as the profiles aren't real. The goal is to keep you talking so that they get paid. The people responding to messages are supposedly contracted by an outside source but it wouldn't surprise me if they are actually connected. The people at the top will be getting paid shitloads.

The same can be said about the sites and They are all part of the same network.

The way they get away with it is that they put it in the terms and conditions that these fake profiles exist knowing no one will read them. Also, it is on the main homepage right at the bottom if you even bother to scroll down that far.

I am going to keep an eye on this. I am trying to get a bigger picture of how much people are spending. I am aware of people who have spent hundreds and a few people maybe thousands. If you fell for the scam and willing to talk about it, please just say so


Yes I have over 500 gorgeous women that want to sleep with me right now on this site. Lol


Quote by: Anonymous

About it has proven that they are misleading and trapping people also covering their details and using third parties to respond extracting their money, is a waste of time and money don't be fooled

. DON'T subscribe to this site! You are wasting your money and time they are all fake replies wrote by staff to get YOU to buy more credits!


all bad reviews on shagcity ..heres some

False Self Created Profile Pages Created And Maintained By The Staff: has a great name for a hook-up site. With a name like that you would think that this would be the kind of dating site that you could easily meet women for a one night fling. The only drawback is that all the profiles are phony and have been created by the employees of Shag City. And just like the countless of other scams that we have analyzed and investigated is running the same deceptions. The fake profiles on this website are hard to spot. There isn't any kind of identifying logo so trying to find which profile pages are legit and which profile pages are phony is impossible.

From our experience it seems the more attractive looking the profile, the better chance that it's going to be fake. Using photographs of big-breasted twenty-year-old bombshells is pretty much a dead giveaway that you're looking at a phony profile that the website themselves have created. And a quick view of the members area of Shag City identifies that many of the profiles fall into this category (22-30 year old bombshell women with large fake breasts). Unfortunately it's all a fantasy in your mind and your chance of interacting and meeting these women is none. You will never meet any of these women for a date or anything else for that matter. It's all a dream in your mind that has been perpetrated by They are building a dream in your mind that you will never realize because it's all a fantasy created to cheat you, lie to you and eventually if you're gullible enough to scam you out of your hard earned money!

Taken from the terms page section 8.4:

"You are aware and agree that we may use moderated and fictive profiles for online adult entertainment purposes. We expressly reserve the right to send messages to this site by self-created profiles. Physical contact with these fictive profiles is not possible."
This Site Uses Automated Programs To Send You Emails:

378! 378 is the number of email messages that we're looking at right now. How the hell is it possible to receive 378 email messages while being registered on a dating site for less than seven days? You could be gullible and just assumed that you're the next best thing to sliced bread and women are dropping at your feet. But if you were honest with yourself you would quickly realize that something is simply not right with There's no way in hell that anyone's receiving 378 email messages unless you're Vin Diesel or George Clooney!

And the really crazy thing is that the profile we made for Shag City is void of any information, void of any photographs and anything else. But we received 378 email messages! This is the most ridiculous thing we've seen in a while. Anyone who falls for these kind of scams is very desperate and basically willing to believe anything that is thrown at them. Guys you need to have some common sense and realize when you're getting duped!

Although we can't prove it we very strongly suspect that computer software programming is being used to send 378 emails to us. Common sense would tell we should be getting no emails since there's nothing to look at in the profile. Why the hell are women emailing us? It doesn't make any sense and the reason it doesn't make any sense is because it's phony. The only way that this makes any sense is that computer programming bots are sending us the emails not real girls.


Taken from the terms page section 8.4:

"We expressly reserve the right to send messages to this site by self-created profiles."
Pretend "Flirts" As A Method To Make Money By Charging £1.50 Per Message:

Most likely using the same kind of technology to send fictive bogus messages are also the "Flirts". A flirt is when someone sends you a short form message called a "Flirt". We have 24 flirts waiting for us. Chances of all of this being bogus is 100%. We also forgot to mention that if you want to respond to any email messages or "Flirts" on the site you need you need to pay over £1.50 per message sent.

If they get enough gullible suckers to purchase credits on Shagcity this site's owners have a windfall of money waiting for them. Don't be one of the guys that falls for these ridiculous con jobs. If you are getting inundated with flirts or messages now you know what's going on in the background. Computer bots camouflaged and disguised and made appeared to be real people are in fact not!


fred nerx

Quote by: Anonymous

Shag city is a scam I use to work for them and was told to send fake messages to males & females, this site should be shut down, fake pricks

they're all lowlife scumbags running these dates sites

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