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no ugly women is a giveaway it stinks of rats ..
all beautys with svelt figures is a warning sign ...stay away


As everyone has said and I have found out today it is a scam
Women send messages asking for meetings and start a chat. Every reply you make is charged £1.50
I was puzzled when it invited you to sign up for 6 months Premium rate it didn't say if this included chat messages or it was just to look at photos
Lucky for me my bank credit card blocked me from getting more credits but I had spent £100 already and just replied to messages on one evening. My credits have run out and I wont be buying any more

This site should be posted to Action Fraud


Quote by: Anonymous

This site is a total scam. I have probably spent 700 pounds on the site in the last month, and even continued to spend money after i became suspicious, thinking that not all the women could be fakes. Occasionally same photo's for different profiles, women won't give location, or false location, computer generated replies in many cases, etc,etc. Avoid like the plague at all costs. This site should be closed down

your feeding a multi billion pound global racket by criminals


stupid is fooling the people. Untill u buy credits the messages are amazing...after buying credits i bet you will never get an address or contact...this site may hire some group to create fake id's and messaging to the guys and cheating us. If any possibility of banning this site please do it...Frustration and loss of money...don't be a fool...


bots shills and stooges working on subscribers to wind them up


Well the price of the credits is a rip off for a start and from what I see very few people end up with anyone. I'm actually getting 50 to 60 messages a day from people claiming to be 18 year old virgins to mature wives looking for a change of pace. There are a lot of phonies, liars, weirdoes and so on, on this site. Had a number of ladies tell me they live in Halifax, one lives in Manchester, one in Ireland another in London. I came upon a woman surgeon here in Halifax, she wanted a close relationship, but found out she was chatting with me and a bunch of others at the same time. And so one, but you get the idea. The truth is it’s all a scam; I made dates with 3 different women, not one showed Why do so many women on here claim to ride a moped? I don't believe it. I have never yet seen a woman riding a moped anywhere. Obviously Shag City shills, and an obvious tipoff of fraud.

Load of B

How do you stop all the messages I'm being bombarded with loads of them and can't seem to log out its doing my head in they'll never get no money out of me I was just intrigued as to what was going on wish I never gave them my email address please someone help me

anon mouse

they will bombard you until they get your card details so they need to wind you up big time .then they will vanish with no reponses any more

anon mouse

you wont get rid of them so you will have to ditch your email acount as they wont stop hitting you


This site has helped me so much I have met a few ladies on there and they were amazing and turned out to be who they said they were. I am sorry people above had bad experiences but remember with dating sites you have to pick through all the fish to find the one. I am not currently with the women I met on there and we have been together for 3 months. I recommend this site.

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