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This site is a total scam. I have probably spent 700 pounds on the site in the last month, and even continued to spend money after i became suspicious, thinking that not all the women could be fakes. Occasionally same photo's for different profiles, women won't give location, or false location, computer generated replies in many cases, etc,etc. Avoid like the plague at all costs. This site should be closed down


Shag city is avtoal scam. Like another gent I too spent more money even after suspecting that something was wrong. Over a ten week period spent about 800£. Never meet any lady on here. Make a date and lady agrees to meet. As time gets closer she will come up with some excuses as to why she can't be there on the date set.

A big sign that this site us no good to me should have been a UK e-mail address based in Holland. Thats a lot of bull *censored* as well. So many gave said it before, this site should be blocked now to stop others wasting more money.


My god. I really wish i had checked this out before going onto shagcity site. Having just been awakened from a long sleep (Rip Van Winckle) and finding myself so lonely and disabled i thought i was in heaven when i found this site. There were so many women so many pictures it was hard to choose. I opted for those in my area so as not to travel. After spending many pounds and being stood up three times by different women i decidedto look more closely at their terms and conditions. Bloody hell what a CON. Its adult entertainment which they are not responsible for (yer right). It appears they take your money andTALK TALK TALKnothing else. Not one guy has ever met anybody . Even if there are some genuine women on here they wont get anywhere either. It blots out phone numbers addresses and e mail. So the chance of connecting is NIL. Apologies to my bank for trying to warm me. What a dumb old man to fall for that. They should be hauled up for it but their disclaimer says... entertainment of adult kind. No offers to meet or anything. What a waste of my hard earned pension. And before you say it ..WHAT A SUCKER. KEEP WELL AWAY GUYS. ITS THE ONLY WAY TO PUT THESE SKANKS OUT OF BUSINESS.


I spent £15 to try this site & talked to the ladies. Some could not see my contact & some asked me to keep talk in this platform to further understand each other. I also found that my profile was always changed by the web admin.
So, I suspect this website to hire someone to pretend to be the ladies and keep drawing the targets' money.
In order to prove my point of view, I sign in 2 accounts with 2 different emails and find out that both accounts receive the same message by same member almost at same timing.
It is obvious that most of the members are hired for the purpose to draw the credits/money. My lost is £15 and hope the outcome of the investigation be helpful for you not to lose money again.


company stooges hired to chat to the males , i fear they all use this tactic in some form as i have been down this road on many sites .. they keep you hanging on for weeks so as you wont cancel. never give your card details to date sites only use a 1 off payment ..


I have made up three different accounts to prove them to all be fake. I receive the same messages on every account at the same time with just their so called location changed to match mine in that account… Why would you want to chat at £1.50 a short message? If you try to get them to chat in any other way, text mobile whatsapp or email. They Always say they want to get to know you better here “on the site” Also come on There is no ugly females on there, which must tell you something too! DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY go to the nearest Weatherspoon and your get a better chance of meeting someone?

Finkel stein

I agree with everything said previously. Some 'girls' offer cam to cam if you supply your Skype account then want to just chat on line.
None if the girls I passed Skype/yahoo details to bothered, and 2 were from Ghana!!!
Should be called Scamcity.


Definitely scum, girls always on line 24 hrs a day. Avoid

Another motherfucker

Hey, disappointed people!
I guess my comment wouldn't surprise anyone. Just want to say a few words:

It is a total bull *censored* that website. It just looks too good to be true at first, that is why after the first 10 credits (15 pounds) I decided to give it a go for the next round. Overall, lost 30, but at least prove to myself how ridiculous and pathetic the 'girls' (probably administrators, who are both mentally sick or just have some paid fun) on the other side are. The attention seeking messages (the first ones you receive) seem to be automatic. It includes almost all possible reasons that might be given from sexually unsatisfied people. Works well so far. In case you are careful, patient and 'clever' as I claim to be (apart from my curiosity that often borders with stupidity), then, for sure the simple techniques become unriddled and obvious. First, they wait for your messages and do not live space for specific questions. In other words, you are continously encouraged to keep the conversation alive and lose credits. Smart. Usually, the straight questions imposed are ignored or put on the sideline. The funny part, however, starts once you become straightforward and cut to the chase. For example, I asked for a phone number exchange at 2 AM, 3 min later I received the ridiculous infant reply (from a 30-year-old woman in theory Big Grin ) saying that the phone was lost and when the 'lady' finds it I will receive the number. At least, my laugh was sincere and loud Big Grin I used the last credits just to ridicule and outsmart their members. It gives me nothing more than some 'sweet revenge' and self-sarcasm. Trust me, they lack imagination, and I am sure that whoever is out there on the receiving end has some hard time keeping up the crap.

If you have some spare quids you can watch naked bodies and tempting profile pictures, receive dirty messages plus naked pics that could give you some interesting perspectives. Most importantly, you can use the platform to practice your negotiation skills Big Grin The winner takes it all...

If you expect a freebie - this is the wrong place. Paying a hooker or an escort guarantees you real happy ending Wink
All the best!

Mr Angry

What the he'll is it with that fake dating site, please don't get caught or pay for credits, every time you post a profile, only half of it shows, even when it was totally correct & much less obscene than most other male profiles.
We all know by now what a fraudulent company run’s this site now, so why don't they leave people's profiles alone it is obviously just run by a cut and paste program, using web photos of girls time & time again in different profiles, with different names & ages. There is not 1 real woman from the UK on the site & they block every attempt to send a message with any contact details anyway.

So if you want to pretend its real at least allow people to try & get in touch, at least then they will think they were just ignored not conned.

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