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Tang Kee

On Meetup at Singles-Hangout-Singapore

Guys to gals ratio super unbalanced. Can be as bad as 20:1 Organizer simply does not care. Only concern about profit making; the more the merrier. Feedback from some gals they are targeted and disturbed by organizer (male). If they do not comply with his demands, they will be banned. The whole thing feels like a scam -> organizer use this entirely to his own benefit. That is, to get both gals and income AT THE SAME TIME. The RSVP list also seems to be faked up.

Avoid, avoid and Avoid!.............................................. or Enter at your own risk! or If you simply has nothing better to do.


yes yes. My friends and myself fully agree with your reviews.
We went once to this Chinese Singles Hangout meetup. Ended up feeling very regret. We should not go at all. Why?
the guys are weirdos, pathetic and acted like hungry for female! The moment we stepped in, the guys starred at us, looking up and down. Come on, we are not bar hostess!! Please treat us with respect!
Number of guys outnumbered female by many times. Very few female there actually. I am sure in the past, females had bad experience and that was why they don't go again.
Don't waste your time and money on this group!


i am very disturbed by this bahavior
<<Feedback from some gals they are targeted and disturbed by organizer (male). If they do not comply with his demands, they will be banned.>>>

sadly that is likely to be real. I went to that event before. I have seen that fellow male organizer targeting and try flirt with certain gal attendees.

when he saw a gal he like, he begin flirting, trying to approached the gals, speaking in a girly tone. I felt sick of that sign.

The gals are not interested in him anyway. I can understand why...he is not appetizing at all Big Grin

very inappropriate for organizer to target and flirt with gal attendee on the spot. Now then i know he also banned gals who do not comply with his demands..... That was too much too disturbing.

very unethical and unprofessional for organizer to treat gals with such bad intent. I won't step into that Chinese Singles Hangout meetup again. Period.

Truth Revealed

this organizer clearly is without integrity. so is he a guy or lady or ....?

someone who attended told me that she was being stalked to the toilet by someone, who waited her outside the toilet door. given a reason of introducing her around. told her he was showing some "care" and providing "security service" for newbies!!!


that was unusual. Was the organizer himself ok or not ok..
somemore organizer spoke in girlie voice. We don't like 娘娘腔.


Better let other ladies know before it is too late. It is disgusting...the organizer and his gang. No integrity, camouflaging the intentions. Despicable !

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