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Hi, i would like to take the time to share my opinion with you!

Personally, i would like to see every dating site shut down!!!! Why??? I'll tell you why....

For 1, its pathetic, and its pathetic that everyone thinks they have to run to a dating site just to find someone, its not true that the only way to find someone is on a blooming dating site!!! Thats whats wrong with society, and the dating world, and in some instances marriages today is these blooming dating sites!!!! Dating sites makes it to where its hard for people to meet people anymore thats why people can't find good men/ women anymore because the good ole days of getting out and about to be able to find someone is gone thanks to these blooming dating sites!!! Things need to go back to the good ole days instead of crap like this!!!

In my personal opinion, dating sites has ruined everything, and everyone, what has happened to getting out, and about to find someone like they use to in the good ole days???? There was nothing wrong with getting out and about and trying to find someone, like it use to be... Someone just had to get a "brilliant" stupid idea to create blooming dating sites to where society could be lazy, and get on a stupid dating site to find someone instead of enjoying getting out and having fun, and trying to find someone!!! All dating sites are is trouble and causes problems!!!

So yes i'd like to see all dating sites shut down, and go out of business, and for things to get back to the way they use to be!!! Men/ women aren't articles of clothing, jewelry, or things like that!!! We don't need to be put on market , this is like ebay, dating sites you "shop" around, and on ebay you shop around, were not items, were humans!!! And if there's 1 thing i can't stand its dating sites!!! People need to get real, and get off dating sites, and get out, and look for their true love, there's nothing wrong with getting out to try and find true love, at least they would know if the person was real or not, and they would actually get to see the person face to face, and they would know exactly who they were talking to unlike dating sites, on dating sites you don't know if the person your talking to is a real person, and if so, if they are real you don't know if their a man, or a woman( if its a woman looking on a dating site for a man)or vice versa, as a woman, I'd hate to think that I'm talking to a man , and it winding up i was really talking to another woman, that would make me very mad, and too you don't know weather or not to believe their profile, and weather or not their the nationality, or such as that that they claim to be, all of this is one reason I'm not on a stupid dating site, and for another, I'm old school, i love doing things old school style, and for another thing dating sites are bull crap, and dangerous, and people can't be trusted on them!!! And also, it creates cheating weather your dating someone, or married to someone, and that isn't right, also i had a friend that was on one of these stupid dating sites, and every time she thought she found someone , they were over there talking, and gawking at some other woman, that's another thing these stupid dating sites are good for, instead of someone finding someone, and sticking with that person, there always gawking, and talking to someone else, and trying to get with that person, and leaving the other one hanging, boy isn't that a pretty come off!!!!

I don't believe in dating sites, i believe in old ways of doing things!!!!!

Thanks for your time!!!!


I agree and I would also like to get rid of the Internet it's caused nothing but grief. Then I'd like to see all cars and lorries taken off the roads, they kill so many each year and don't get me started on airplanes. I want to go back to the 1800's


Quote by: Anonymous

I agree and I would also like to get rid of the Internet it's caused nothing but grief. Then I'd like to see all cars and lorries taken off the roads, they kill so many each year and don't get me started on airplanes. I want to go back to the 1800's

LMAO Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

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Yep , it's an effg crazy world out there these days.
The last time l was single was nearly 20yrs ago.

So , when l turned around and found myself single again a couple of yrs ago , once l started to feel upto it l joined a date site.
Wow , for a start there was so many , just which bloody one do you join?
So you send wks on a damn computer trying to figure that out and then you stay on it trying to meet a new gf or bf.
l was awe struck at the attitude of the women on them too , no matter what they looked like or how long they'd been single or how old they were it was all demanding this and l'm gonna find that and l will eccept nothing less and bla bla bla.

l did meet some nice girls though , they were in there . But the thing l found was when you actually finally meet and see them in RL you know immediately your not into them or attracted..
Seems almost impossible to find that through date sites. with 5yr old pictures , sometimes often 10yr old.

Funny thing was though , the few girls l actually met in RL through that yr or so , were straight away exactly what l would personally go for. Yet out o 20 even more on date sites, not one. Big lesson there.
But it is still hard either way , for sure.

The worst thing that happened being new to this whole online thing was l really did like this one girl and for once l was really attracted to her , and we text a few days buttttttt, she turnd out to be a scammer and hit me up for 5,900.
The pic was a fake , everything was fake.
l suspected though by the second day texting and so l read up on the scam tactics and she or he ticked every box out of about 15 things so it was on.
Then l trapped her or him into asking for money and that 5,900 and sending me a name and bank account.
Gave that and info to the cops , doubt they caught them though. never heard.
It was pretty upsetting though as l was really liking her , who was probably a him.

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I don't like online dating at all.It is nothing but waste of time. A research shows that 90% dating sites are scam. So I think we should not waste our time on these dating sites.


Well, I'm someone who recently re-entered the singles scene after a very long and unsuccessful marriage. Moved to a new place, was alone, wanting to meet people - male and female, and so was persuaded to try online dating. I'm over 50, so it's pretty daunting to be back in this space after so many years.
I found online dating to be the most demeaning and damaging experience to my self esteem. I was judged, told I wasn't "flash enough" because of my photo. I started without posting any pics of myself just to try it out.
When I was contacted by men the first question was- send me pictures. Fair enough, but then I didn't hear from them again. How does that make you feel? Wow, I must be really ugly!
It's all about being judged by looks, and I don't think I'm that unattractive, being cute in your profile, and contacting people you think might be someone you'd like to get to know, but never hearing from them again.
Daily matches and "likes", but try to follow them up- forget it. Do they even really exist?
I think this does nothing to help people who may already be questioning their desirability, trying to find a new person, and when you're over 50 it's not easy. Hard enough to reach that point of trying again. Personally I was hoping to meet a man to spend time with, have conversation and get to know each other, regardless of how far it developed, it's about companionship. Online dating made me feel inadequate. I would receive "likes" from men who were probably very nice people, but I found myself also judging by their pictures, not by who they actually are. Yes there has to be an attraction, but is this all we think is important? What about the person, what about the fact that most people my age at least on a dating website are lonely and just wanting someone to spend time with.
It's a terrible process and only adds to the vanity and self importance that we place on ourselves these days- what happened to getting to know someone and not basing it on a picture or a few words in a profile that are meant to sell that person to the internet. When did we stop accepting people and giving them a chance for who they are, not what they look like.
I've learned my lesson and will continue on alone until maybe that special person will appear somewhere outside of the internet.

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I think the biggest problem with online dating is many people have very high expectations. They expect a person to exactly match a long list of rigid requirements or they are not interested. If/when there is an actually first date/meeting, many people expect instant chemistry or they lose interest. Many times there won't be instant chemistry because the 2 people are virtual strangers. Or at least 1 person is somewhat shy or nervous at first. I think more people may have better success if they were a bit more patient or flexible in the initial stages.

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