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Hi all -- I am a Yale student writing an article on Stitch.net for a long-form journalism project. I would love to include insight from Stitch users. I'm fascinated by all of your reflections here. If you are willing to speak with me briefly on the phone, I would so appreciate it. Please email me: sarah.donilon@yale.edu

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Thanks so much,


Quote by: Anonymous

I am not a member.76 yr old. On a website called senior people meet (SPM). I am good looking. educated funny and have grand kids. Divorced not by choice. I have read all the reviews. I think those that are not members. need to reconsider the age of the site and it's long term potential. So why am I writing this? a long story.

Simply because for the 4 months I have been on SPM I have been solicited by 4 prostitues and 6-7 scammers/spammers. Also I am sad to say that the women are rude in NOT communicating that they are NOTinterested. Simply NO response. You never know if they open up your message. And there are many that do not take the time to read my profile and constantly flirt to the point I have to block them after stating "I am sorry but your not a good match". You may ask why I am bocking them? well I am 5 ft 8" tall.. 155 pounds. I do not like OBESE women who are desperate for a man. Some are so unkept they look like men.
ARE you getting the picture. I have been on 4 meetings/dates. All looking 10-20 years older than their photo. NO honesty there.

IN conclusion, I started to reseach dating over 65 and came across STITCH.net.. I have yet to join but welcome a site where I can have pen pals of both sexes, friends both ways and hopefully a lady that will appreciate me for who I am and not how big my wallet is. I intend to join the site as soon as I move to another area of TX. If anyone wants to bash my 2 cents. Walk in my shoes first. I could have made this humorous but it is a serious issue with me and I can imagine other men also. God Bless you all and I hope to join your communuty soon.

I like your comment: "walk in my shoes first." I would try it and walk/run for a mile and then say something that may be disagreeable to you. Then I can run and guess what -- you got no shoes to catch me. :-)

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